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Jioyt 123

Accessing save icon IN the HIU. [iOS]

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Jioyt 123

I was playing on the IOS version and went to the strip club in LS wondering if it was still possible to glitch through the roof....

Got through the roof, walked on top for a bit and jumped down. I pulled my chute not to long after i fell, forgetting that its a long way down to the ground.


So i eventually get to the ground and just start walking randomly around in the blackness and i notice a save disk just floating there. So i thought to myself "lets go see how close i can get to it". I kept walking towards it... And i could use it! I got really excited so i saved in an empty slot and quit the game, then loaded it back up to see where i actually was. But i am/ was still in the HIU?


So im wondering, which save disk is this from? Im presuming its from an outside save because there was a shoevl nearby. In the HIU from the strip club (after reachung ground) the save disk is round abouts where the glenn park safe house is on the actual map.

(P.s ive tried both IOS and XBOX 360 remaster and both can get to it)


Do many others know about this? I want to know. Its very interesting to me since its something new ive found myself (even if it isnt THAT interesting)

(P.P.S how do i post pictures?) [HIU - Hidden Interior Universe]

Edited by Jioyt 123

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I'm pretty sure an outdoor save disk next to a shovel would be Catalina's save disk on Fern Ridge. This makes sense as all of the strip club and brothel interiors appear to be located above Fern Ridge. The radar map won't be accurate - it's offset to make it look like CJ is still near where he entered the building. You can fix the radar and world view if you can navigate inside of another interior. You won't be able to see most of the yellow doors but they should still work.


Lot's of people used to know a lot about hidden interiors but it's sort of a lost art. I think this was more of a thing for PS2 that continued for a while when PC came out but soon fell out of favor when all the modding opportunities became available. If you are having fun you can probably find lot's of old references to experiment with, and you might generate some interest among iOS players with few mods to explore.

Edited by OrionSR
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Jioyt 123

Ah thanks Orion. That would explain why there was a large sloped hill to one side of the diskette. In all honesty i was thinking it was the angel pine save disk purely because of the shovel ( save disk- shovel- a country save disk) Catalinas hide out didnt even come into my mind.


To my knowledge exploring the HIU on ios and the xbox 360 HD (ios especially) is alot trickier than on previous versions, since (if im still doing it right) i cant seem to find the two brothels or the record company building from ganton gym anymore, and player made map markers dont show up in interiors either.


Im sure theres some sort of trick to exploring it on the IOS. cheats activatable on android thanks to an off device keyboard which you can enter code on, such as jetpack for ecoloring the HIU. But im sure there isnt any way to "legitimately" explore many intiriors on IOS, just the ground at the bottom.

If i remember rightly, the IOS version isnt moddable, but android is?


(Also thank you for the interior map link :)

(I found my way to the town west of catalinas hideout [playing one game in the HIU and another in the over world] and into ammunations interior. After exiting the overworld map is skewed up and traffic from where you were previously in the interior you exited is located around that area.)

Edited by Jioyt 123

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There is a lot that can be modded on iOS without any need to... what is it on iOS, not "root" but... jailbreak? There's a built in system for overriding standard data files by simply putting replacement files in the appropriate user folder - so all you need is a basic file manager. Same trick works on Android, the system I made my few tests on. ENEXes, entrance exit markers, are the sort of thing that's easy to manipulate with data files.


You could also try editing your save files. Most of the interiors have enexes built in so all you need to do is change the relative links in the save - so instead of going to the gym, this door will go to Sweet's house sort of thing. There's not a user friendly tool for this, it would require manually hex editing the save file. Or you could put jetpacks where you need them since the cheat isn't available.


I consider these strategies to be legitimate. They have built in a method of replacing data files and have made no effort to encrypt or tag the user's save file with meta data. And since not even cheat codes are available, what else have you got to work with? Legitimate is always a matter of perspective. PC players tend to be much more snooty about cheat codes than PS2 players, for example.


If you wanted to follow through, the replacement file strategy allows a lot of great modding opportunities that many PC modders have abandoned in favor of cleo. In theory, the strategies that lead to SpaceEinstein's All In One Mod or maybe even DeeZire's Things to Do in San Andreas mod that restored missing missions, might work just fine on iOS. There is even a "Darkpact" strategy that allows scripting mods to be added to existing saves.


So, it's not a matter of iOS can't be modded as iOS isn't being modded, much... yet. Would you care to change that?

Edited by OrionSR

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Jioyt 123

Im assuming the device has to be "jailbroken" before you can start editing files?

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No. Text files should be easy to edit on the device. Compiling a new main would require a PC, but I don't see why you'd need to jailbreak anything. Everything goes into an unrestricted user folder to be installed.

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Jioyt 123

Sounds easy enough then. I'll give it a look soon.

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