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[XB1] Criminal Mastermind Challenge


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Xbox One

***Please read entire post as there are time restrictions***

GT: FlexPiTo

Looking for 2 experienced heists players to complete the CM challenge. I have already done the challenge twice. The 2nd time I helped 2 friends get it done and now I'm helping another friend complete it. I'm rank 180 with my 1st character and rank 150 with my 2nd. My friend is rank 145. I have been doing heists with him almost everyday since the beginning of the double cash heists events and he never dies.

We're looking for mature players with *mics* preferably 21yrs+ that are very experienced in heists that know how to stay alive and are comfortable with all roles. For moments of combat, be experienced with keeping your interaction menu open with snacks/armor highlighted for quick access when necessary. I'll periodically call out a "health check" to the crew in heated moments to remind everyone to keep their health and body armor full.

***The obstacle I face with many good players is my gaming schedule. Due to my work and life schedule, I can only play from 1am - 4am EST every night of the week so we're looking for players that can get on at that time. With 3 hours to play per night we should be able to do 1 -2 heists per session so we should have this challenge done in 3-4 days max. Doesn't matter what time zone or what part of the world you're in as long as you can be online at that time, speak English and have good internet***

I'm 28yrs old from Tampa, Florida USA and my friend is 30yrs old from Tokyo, Japan. We both have good internet and we never have connection issues playing together.

Experience in heists is more important to me than your character's rank. However, with the advantage of having a higher health stat and being able to carry more armor, we ask that you be atleast rank 80 for this challenge.

Please have the Heavy Utility Vest and Bulletproof Helmet as one of your saved outfits. We ask that you wear that combo for all missions except for a select few where its either not possible (example: Prison Break finale) or useless (example: Humane Labs - Deliver EMP)

Being that I've completed the challenge twice, I ask that you be willing to cooperate by following my strategies. I'm a cool, laid back guy and I won't come across as bossy or excessively controlling. I simply want to repeat what I've already done, aiming to succeed on the first try so you can get your $10+ million asap and move on to other things.

I know there are different ways to do all these setups and finales but for this challenge we always follow the methods with the least risk of death for obvious reasons. For example, we never ride our personal motorcycles for any of the missions and we'll all ride together in the Kuruma for some of the set ups where its beneficial. With that being said, to slighty contradict the last two statements, please be comfortable and confident with taking the bikes for the Pacific Standard finale as it is the fastest route to the Dinghy and actually very easy for the skilled player.

Besides the homing launcher, please DO NOT use explosive weapons during the challenge. Yes it is fun to blow things up but it's simply not necessary and increases risk of failure. The homing launcher is helpful for some missions where helicopters need to be taken down.

We usually do 40/20/20/20 for finales but since I will not be getting the bonus at the end, I'm asking to take 70% for the Series A and Pacific Standard finales.

*Please keep in mind once we start the challenge, if you want the CM cash reward you CANNOT do other heist missions with other players until we finish the challenge, otherwise your progress will be reset*

If you have read this entire post and feel that you have what it takes and what we're asking for, and are 100% sure you can commit to *consistently* being online at the stated times, please message me on Xbox Live with your experience in heists, age, character rank, time zone, and any other relevant information.

GT: FlexPiTo

We're able to start as soon as this Monday at 1am EST if we find 2 players. I look forward to hearing from you and helping you make $10+ million

Edited by FlexPiTo
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I don't have a mic but all other requirements i fit. I've completed all heists multiple times, i'm level 211 and 21 years old. I'm a team player and won't run off and try do it all myself. So if you're still looking let me know. :) PS my time zone is AEST

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