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Super Sayan Nappa

Warcraft 4  

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  1. 1. What do you think? Will there be new Warcraft RTS?

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Super Sayan Nappa

"Zug zug!"

Nope. These aren't new Ylvis' song lyrics. This is rather something that probably many Warcraft 3 players remember if read in Gruntish voice.
Ah, the nostalgia.

Warcraft 3. If you don't know the game, here is a little background story. WC3 was made few years before WoW, and is very different than its succeeder. For starters it wasn't MMORPG game but RTS one (like Red Alert or Starcraft). It had revolutionary graphics for RTS, four different races, great story (I'm not even being biased!), gameplay that wasn't as balanced as SC1, but it still was very lovable. Expansion for WC3, Frozen Thore, was released in 2003s. After that, there were no more expansion packs or new RTS titles regarding epic Warcraft story. (Which is not so very epic anymore considering the majority of story in wow became an unfortunate cliché)

For years, for more than a decade a lot of people were hoping to see new warcraft rts. And as summers went by, as smart phones replaced smart people, as the presidents changed, so did the hoping for Warcraft 4 to ever see light of the day- changed.

More recently, there was con where some SC2 devoloper said that there is a chance for new warcraft RTS. I'm however not very optimistic about that. First reason is that wow (even though it's losing popularity) is still a big, huge, godzilla-like milking cow. Loads of milk will be taken in the future too. And guess what, with such cow, trying to produce quality wine is not the priority in this cultivation! Why to make good wine when there is tons of milk!? Milk can be drinked, milk can shapeshift, milk can turn into cheese! (This cheese however has many holes, may i notice.) What can wine do?? Moo?

Well wc3 indeed was like wine, as years passed by, it was better, more and more appreciated. I mean, its mod (originally sc's map) literally created that genre, online hero arena thingy, which is so popular these days.

Diablo is the next reason. It turned out to be an absolute hit in both sales and new fanbase formed of newbies and old diablo players. There are many other reasons why I doubt in wc4: RTS is a gaming old timer, they would need new develop team that would have an uneasy task of improving gameplay while not changing too many classic units, what to do with the story (considering lore is not relevant anymore), they couldn't build on wc4 except maybe by adding new wow after it....Wait, have I forgot hearthstone, heroes of the storm and overwatch which are all trending? Yea, my bad.

If there is ever going to be a new rts for warcraft this is my scenario: let's say they announce it tomorrow, they will first put teaser trailer that lasts 30 seconds, than no news until con where they give new trailer, then no news for next five years, then they announce the leader of project has left the project, than they release new wow.

Warpten blizzard! Warpten!!

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Blizzard is too focused on freemium crap and i can't stand battlenet 2.0....so I'll not be getting into the hype.

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I don't think I could ever praise the Warcraft story or lore, given Blizzard straight ripped it from Games Workshop's Warhammer Fantasy way back when.


Also what made WC3 good (and so long lasting) was the incredibly powerful map editor that came out of the box and was then improved upon greatly with the Frozen Throne expac. They won't do a new Warcraft RTS because 1) World of Warcraft and 2) They'd be lynched for releasing it without the powerful map editor, which they wouldn't include now-a-days because it'd allow people to whip up your DOTAs and what have you again competing with official Blizzard products.


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