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Recommended Posts

On 12/3/2018 at 9:47 PM, iStretchyDisc said:

There’s a hotel in Las Venturas called the “V-Rock Hotel,” which uses the font from English heavy metal band IRON MAIDEN’s logo. There’s also a pool within the hotel—outdoors, of course, that’s shaped like the Flying-V guitar. Some of you may know that one can find both a horseshoe and clam in the pool.

Across the street from the Vinewood Graveyard in the western-end of Vinewood Boulevard, there are a bunch of flyers on a wall right next to a movie poster. If one looks close enough, one can see that the flyers are actually the cover art for Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

yeah , I think so, GTA SA have much flyers for VC . 

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Ray Carter

Has anyone done a deep dive into why places like Shady Cabin and Lil Probe Inn are separate zones in San Andreas?

Zones control things like what pedestrians and vehicles spawn, or what weather patterns will cycle but could they hold other secret features?


For example, some zones will only spawn an AT-400 or Andromada to fly over, where as others will spawn a Ruster, Beagle or Cropduster.

Well, I'm sure modding would make it possible to add another class of air traffic for a UFO and assign it to the Lil Probe Inn zone only.

Obviously, there are no UFO's in-game, but this is just an example. These zones could still hold unique game play features.

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lil weasel
On 10/12/2019 at 1:50 AM, Max.pain said:

i’d like to ask something. is getting in area 69 with a freeway a glitch or an easter egg?

It is an "exploit"

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One of the cluckin bell shops in in little towns isn't shown on the map(at least thats what i know in remastered). This only in remastered or in the other versions too? is this a glitch? or an easter egg for something? I think thats the same town carl and catalina stole a truck from(not sure tho)

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I found something cool. If you kill a pedestrian and look at it's body with the thermal goggles, it will slowly turn bluish in colour meaning that it's cooling down.



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Ray Carter

I think I found a new easter egg that's not been mentioned before! new for 2021!


So, there's this video documenting a cut character that was supposed to introduce you to the Boat School.



Well, you can actually see him walking away any time you leave the boat school. I saw him today while completing the mission, and checked several video guides to check it wasn't coincidence either.

Skip to 6:56 to see him walking away. He's not a random ped either.


Edited by Ray Carter
I dunno how to post videos anymore :/
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