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Skin and Bones

The Hero

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Unlikely, since only PC-specific animations, if I'm not mistaken, are walking sideways and backwards. What's with them, The Hero?

Edited by Claude Liberty
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I'm doing nothing from scratch. I just mentioned auto-aim because I play with console controls and they didn't work before. The torso and head are rotated when you auto-aim and since I had to reimplement these functions auto-aim are a good test.

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Let me ask, will this allow to walk and shoot at the same time when it is finished?




Ah, that is sad ( :cry:), but it definitely wont make this mod less impressive. :^:

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Would be nice if one could chose to have bone animations only in cutscenes and/or gameplay, as some would prefer to keep the dismemberment feature.

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  • 1 month later...

hi if you could give me a link to this mod because it is amazing i want it!!

It's far from being finished, mate.

Edited by Blackbird88
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Well, not *that* far but I haven't been working on it for the last month or so. I'm busy writing a DFF exporter for 3ds max right now but I think I'll continue working on this mod after I get that working.

Edited by The Hero
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  • 2 weeks later...

But you can do that in VC. Just assign only one bone per vertex and assign all vertices of one "part" to the same bone.

Really? You mean, parts will detach when shooted?

So easy?

Edited by NRShaggy
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