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Little help with keeping my main game clean of mods


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So as i can see there is a massive ban wave right now as Rockstar support is flooded with people that got banned. What i want to know since i do like to play around with mods in Story mode, what is the best way of making sure that one of those mods doesn't accidentally get overlooked and i forget to remove it before going into Online. I know many of you are going to tell me to make a duplicate of my game, but some mods despite being installed in the duplicate game folder and everything, still refuse on loading up or working at all. How can i duplicate my game in the way that the mods i use still load but don't require me to install them in my main directory, keeping them physically separated from my main game?

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The latest version of the scripthook should prevent you from getting online. It will either stop the mods from working or crash the game as you connect to online.

Nearly all mods require that their binaries are added to GTA V's root folder. Unless you want to create a separate 65GB folder, just copy and paste things back and fourth. Or just delete scripthookv.dll and none of the mods will work.


People use mods online by using modified (non-official) versions of scripthookv. You probably won't find this by mistake. Just make sure you get the official scripthook from here: http://www.dev-c.com/gtav/scripthookv/

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I could just aswell remove scripthook and prevent the mods from being loaded. But the thing is, .asi mods are not the only ones i use. I use the ones that require RAGEHook plugin to load and they are mostly in .dll format. Those are the ones i am worried about. RAGEHook does have it's own executable and will not launch or inject anything into the game if i don't use the executable.


What i am really afraid of is the part of my game being scanned upon accessing online. Can i get flagged/banned just from those files being there and not actually being loaded at all?

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