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CDoJ Jake

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Welcome to Coast 2 Coast Justice. We are glad to present you a high performance law enforcement role-playing community currently playing GTA IV PC using LCPDFR and GTA V PC using Police Mod for an online police role-play experience..

Our community is always working on our vision to take role-play to the extreme. To meet this vision we offer Sheriff, Police, Highway Patrol, Fire / EMS and a Communications Department. And with GTA V NOW OPEN, we are constantly updating our scripts and mods for GTA V to make sure your role play experience is top of the line.

By holding all of our members to the highest of standards we are able to present this level of role play to you. Our patrols contain professionalism, seriousness and modern policing techniques learned from members with in the community that are actual law enforcement officers, deputies, and police explorers.

We are also recruiting Civilian Role Players for GTA V and GTA IV. We will be training civilian role players in GTA IV, and GTA V on realism with traffic stops, pursuits, shoots fired, vehicle accidents, armed robbery, murder, domestics etc.

If you are interested in our community, please continue to our Recruitment Application. Your application will be reviewed by our Recruitment Team. If you are accepted you will receive a reply on your application within 8 hours or less of it being submitted. You will then move on to an interview with our Recruitment Team Members. If you meet the requirements set forth by our community you will attend our Public Safety Role-Playing Academy.

Our community values your interest in being a Law Enforcement Role-Player. We hope to make everyone that walks through our doors experience the best role-playing experience possible and be able to better develop their skills. If you are up to the challenge we are here and await you to accept your challenge.

Thank You,

Coast 2 Coast Justice Division of Directors

Director -Todd B.

Deputy Director - Alexander C.

Assistant Deputy Director - Caleb W.



Edited by CDoJ Jake
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  • 2 weeks later...

What's the TS3 IP? There aren't applications for all the positions.

Edited by MaazS
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