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Does Criminal Mastermind have to be the first time you do the heists?


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Can you do the heists first without completing the Criminal Mastermind Challenge and do it later? For example, if I died in a heist and my Criminal Mastermind progress is reset to zero, will I be able to complete the challenge later?

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Yes! CMM is based on completing all heists in order, on hard with the same crew and no one dying.

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Yeah, but that still doesn't answer my question, do you have only one chance to complete the CMM challenge?

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No, you can attempt it as many times as you'd like. You can only complete the challenge once. If you die in any heist during the challenge, you'll have to start it all over again from the beginning.

Edited by Fonshway
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^ Exactly - in fact, I'd recommend that you do all heists at least once first, partly so you know what to expect for the missions, and partly to unlock things like the armoured Kuruma, which really makes a difference for most of the setups (you can sit in it and take out enemies with the AP Pistol, and you'll be almost totally impervious to enemy gunfire).

Other things to take into consideration:

- Sometimes it doesn't track award progress (this bug may have been patched along with one of the recent updates), so it helps to do a setup or two with the full 4-player team you're using for the challenge first (to guarantee it starts tracking), then split into two 2-player teams for the Fleeca Job, and join up again for the Prison Break.


- You only reset the challenge if you lose a life - however, failing a mission (for example, alerting a guard during a stealth mission, or destroying an objective vehicle) WON'T reset it. This is useful for Series A, where if a vehicle is critically damaged (i.e., the cab's on fire!), it's safer to get out, run away, let it blow up and restart the mission, than stay in and die.


- In addition to having the same 4 players for the entire run, you also need to have the same person hosting all 5 heists.


- Not sure if it resets if you switch characters* on your profile, but not only can you only complete the challenge once, but it's once per account (unlike other award unlocks, which are per character). In other words, you can't do it, earn $10 million, then swap characters and earn another $10 million by doing it again! ;)

*to be on the safe side, I wouldn't risk it - if you've got two characters, stay on the one character until you complete the challenge!

Edited by Commander S
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I would recommend you do all heists in all roles until you dont die in either role first before attempting it.

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The Lone Wanderer

I would recommend you do all heists in all roles until you dont die in either role first before attempting it.

not really necessary

I've done humane pilot 3 times in cmm, I havnt used a single keycard.

better off getting good at particular roles, not that any are that difficult except flying for some

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I thinks it is a good idea for diversity just incase you need to fill a role. If everyone are drivers and no one can fly a helicopter or survive a gunfight then you will have that experience.

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