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Recommended Posts

My name is Ronald

I am aware the name is ridiculous. It's old.
Laughing Joker

"Tell Your Men They Work For Me Now. This Is My City."
~The Joker- Batman: Dark Knight
Reason for being here:
I am looking to expand my GTA Crew. We are a heist heavy crew. Our purpose is to always have a crew member be available to fill in a needed spot to do a heist and do it right. Getting Crew Heist bonus are the plus to having a heist crew.
I'm also here to network with people in ways communicate better with those who may also want to set up heists seriously.

I'm here to teach players the shortcuts for every heist in order to earn more money
Save time and not lose.

We are ready to start the $10 million when we have a set team that is willing.

We are a very relax Crew that are here to have fun, but at the same time earn money when it is time to be serious.
The inspiration from the crew is obviously the Joker from the Dark Knight.
We Earn money only to give it back to the community, and better it but with a little chaos and any means necessary to obtain it.
I am currently recruiting

For now I will be recruiting these, but soon I will have to make it so that you have to move up in ranks.
When I deem those who can be responsible with power then they will have earned it.
For not I am recruiting anyone who is willing to join.

For now....Just be old enough to play
Preferably have a microphone Don't need it
Communication is vital to all success
Being active as often as possible
To join just go on the Social Club site and Look for Laughing Joker
The emblem I created will be the same I have uploaded.

If you have questions you and PM me or you could Message me on PSN.
To join Please leave your info using this Template to help me decipher comments and people looking to join

MIC? (Y/N):

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