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Lost my bikes that were parked in the parking spot outside the clubhou

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Hey everyone. So i decided to play through The Lost and Damned (again). Outside of The Lost MC clubhouse, normally parked there is Billy's Revenant and my Hexer (like always). I like the Hexer, but I'm more of a fan of the Angel and Wayfarer-styled bikes (as well as the Zombie B and Daemon). Outside, along with Billy's bike and my normal Hexer, I had parked a Diablolus (love that bike) as well as an Angel (which took me awhile to actually find and get back to the clubhouse). So there were a total of 4 bikes in the parking spot and they were parked fully in the parking zone to save vehicles. So I went inside the clubhouse to save my game and turned my PS3 off. I came back a little later and loaded up my save file and headed outside the clubhouse and my Angel and Diablolus were both gone. I honestly have no idea what happened. And ideas?

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B Dawg

You can only save 2 vehicles per parking slot.

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Lethal Vaccine

Yeah, you can only save 2 Bikes/Trucks/Cars per parking spot. Only 2 items will save. So in other words, IV can save 10 Vehicles, TLaD can save 16 Vehicles, and TBoGT can save 16 Vehicles.


As for Bikes in general, these are strange. When you park a Bike, you know how it's leaning one way? Well, if you have it leaning toward the road, eventually it will disappear. Why? Well, each time a Bike loads into the game world when you come by the Safehouse Zone, it will slowly but surely continue to move farther and farther away from where YOU put the Bike, thus moving out into the street, out of the parking spots, and disappear. You have to be careful with Bikes. I have them saved in TLaD and TBoGT, but it's risky and I always had to check up on them. A good tip is make sure the bike is leaning toward the sidewalk and a good chance when it moves slightly over, it'll move right up against the curb, thus not allowing it to move anymore and it'll be in THAT position all the time. Like this:








Photo is taken from my TLaD 100% Save File Topic and that is Malc's Double T Custom :) as well as Roman's Taxi, both of which are Unique Vehicles in TLaD :D

Edited by Militia

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B Dawg

Ohh yea I've noticed how the bikes always move. I always line them up with the orange lines at the safehouse.

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Ohhhh okay, thanks guys, appreciate the responses :lol:

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