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Between the sticks

Mokrie Dela

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Attackers to my left,
Attackers to my right.
Looking forward,
Not a defender in sight.

Matching pace, ready to pounce,
Backup arrives, for the rebound,

The lay off slides across the 3g pitch.
And out I charge, as the ball is kicked.
Out comes my leg. Out flies my arm,
Slap! A solid contact! The ball to my palm.

Shots come in,
Left right and centre.
But I'm there,
The unmoving keeper.

Save after save. Then a double.
A hopeful through ball, but it's no trouble.
I follow through with so much power.
It clears the far end fence at a hundred miles per hour.

Two weeks running, I can't be beat.
You can do what you want,

But I'll foil ya.
Two weeks ago I was fumbling like Rob Green.
But now...


...I'm Manuel f*cking Neuer.

The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.


Click here to view my Poetry

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