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List of ongoing bugs needing to be fixed


Recommended Posts

^^ Actually, my biggest fear is that R* knows about the list, but is discounting it due to lack of detailed proof or verification.


We can only hope it's somehow helpful, and leave it at that.


@ Wildbrick: Thanks! Added.

Most of these bugs are quite easy to test. If who ever works on this game also plays it frequently, us pointing it out will draw their attention to it.


However, I believe that because of GTA Online being an evolving platform with new content being added continuously, along with micro transactions that bring them money, they will look into it. I have a feeling that they care more about GTA V than they did about GTA IV. So in this case they will be more willing to fix a certain bug.


The problem is, there are some bugs that may not be able to be fixed without rewriting a lot of code.


But mostly out of all of the bugs posted in here, I really really hope that they fix the following few. I'll rank them.

1. The micro stuttering. Please Rockstar, for the love of god fix the damn micro stuttering. I have a high end PC, and shouldn't be experiencing this. My computer/hardware/setup/drivers/game installation/operating system isn't the problem. Its your game. You apparently got rid of the Self Radio stutter, now they occur when a select bunch of animations are performed.

2. The Nvidia PCSS soft shadows not rendering properly far away. If they found a way to make them behave like regular soft shadows far away, that would be fantastic. Nvidia PCSS is the most realistic soft shadow option but the far shadow bug is ruining it. I like to have the best experience without any downsides.

3. It would be nice if light reflected on water didn't get stuck on the side of my screen, causing water to glow on the edges of the screen.

4. It would be nice if I didn't have to change my graphics settings back and fourth every time I start the game so I don't get shifting 40, then 60 FPS "locks".


I will live if 3 and 4 don't get fixed. Number 3 has been there since day 1. Number 4 has been there for me since the second patch. Number 1 has always been there, but recently, I realized the things causing the micro stutter seem to have changed. Number 1 NEEDS TO GET FIXED! I want to see absolutely no micro stuttering. Not on my PC, nor anyone else's. I really hope that number 2 gets fixed as the bug is quite annoying, but number 1 is definitely a high priority over practically any other bug in here. I hear that people with a GTX 980TI get it. This very well could mean that if it is ignored, the micro stutter will not get fixed by future technology like IV's problems did. I don't want it to end up like the Saints Row 2 speed up bug which is sadly unfixable.

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-you can't have more than 2.3 billion dollars (after certain point you will receive no more money and you won't be able to sell your stocks, it's well known issue because game has been compiled in 32bit)

-certain clothes will clip through bicycle's saddle (baggy ones, you can see it if you play as Franklin in his default clothes and you get on BMX)

-regarding Chef, Trevor will mock him like normal pedestrian (lack of dialogue or simply because he can't distinguish him from other peds)


They probably won't fix all those bugs, some of them like AI or illogical things won't get a patch unless within a major expansion pack. I don't understand why you are allowed to carry every weapon where in GTA: Vice City you had weapon categories and didn't have to scroll through all that junk you would otherwise have like in GTA 3. Other thing is that you can't set what clothes each character will wear. Or that you could change personal vehicle in single player. Or instead of having Self-Radio have ability to extend existing radio stations with fitting music. So much more they could improve.


Unless it is related to shark cards which received hotfix within 24 hours, then we all will have to wait a very long time to see fraction of these things fixed.

Edited by poland stronk
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I feel like that if Rockstar doesn't fix these bugs, I know of something that would be bad to do, but might just get them to fix the bug.


Release a mod for GTA Online which spawns a crap load of peds just doing the aim from cover animation repetitively. This would be an evil thing to do, but it would definitely make the bug very obvious and motivate Rockstar to fix it.

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^^ Excellent comments all, thanks! Great stuff. R* obviously has to prioritize bug fixes on some level; things like clipping issues are going to be treated as one of the last things they'll attempt to fix if they do at all? Again, goes back to how much lifespan Take Two sees in GTA Online.


My other big concern is that, with any bugs that are fixed, how many new bugs are being introduced every time a patch or DLC content is added? That's what the t-shirt someone posted on these forums was getting at. It's a very real issue.


I know that GTA Online is complex just from how there are a multitude of interacting variables (GTAO "Mythbusters" was a good example of that), but from a user's standpoint, I've never seen as much "regression" in software being broken in other games as I have in GTAO. That said, five platforms is a lot to try and keep updated all the time. You couldn't pay me enough to work for R* support from the customer service end of things. Anyway, enough of my rambling. lol


poland, added your two new bugs (the max. dollar amount isn't a bug per se of course, but a very interesting limit--I wondered about that!)

Edited by DentureDynamite
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Some things...


Stutter while crashing an other car when our car is fast.

No working orange lights on the front of the Stratum (since GTA IV)

Load a savegame, we are in a house, we get out of it and the game ask to save ?!?

Problem not fixed for the editor when the first part of the "smooth blend" and the last part lags a little bit. (This is not so smooth at the beginning, and at the end).

When we crash at a very high speed, our car is stopped (maybe it's a "simple trailer" problem ?)

New DLC cars are not in the traffic (maybe not include the T20 or Osiris everytime, but the Virgo or the Chino ?)

Boxville with flashing lights ("Power and water" skin), when enable the ligths with horn, AI cars are stopping like it was an ambulance.

Enhance AI cars would be good because they are not very intelligent...

Edited by jojo337
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Back to property missions not occurring, might have stumbled upon a workaround. I was using the map editor to customize Trevor's trailer. I placed some lights around, and moved time backwards to see how they looked at night. I went back far enough to the previous night, and when I did that, I suddenly got a text message from one of my properties asking me to do a mission for them. Haven't tested it thoroughly, but that's how I managed to get one to occur after finishing the game 100% and never having gotten a single property mission beforehand.

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-if you turn off starting screen making the game jump straight into Story Mode or GTA Online then you will see on the bottom of the screen during loading Xbox Controller button icons for certain actions even if you don't have plugged in controler (there should be keyboard and mouse icons instead)

-during the Union Depository scope out mission game won't register Franklin taking part in the mission (in the statistics it will be shown that his last mission was Monkey Business)

-also before starting this mission the back door to the office in the club will be closed

-during Hang Ten mission after you reach Vanilla Unicorn you will be switched to Michael and game will count him as participant in the mission (he shouldn't be counted in this mission like he and Franklin are not in Mr. Philips even though they can start the mission and are present in first cutscene)

-the sound corruption is also present when there is lots of explosions, police force and fired shots when using Michael's Special Ability

-in the garage where you stash cars that Devin has requested you can see list of them on wall highlighted by UV light, if you stand close and move the camera away from them so only half their names are on screen then the line crossing out those that already have been delivered will disappear

-I have 2 Online characters, the game shows wrong one on Character Wheel and in Social Club as I recently switched to other one and will spawn as the other one when I switch or launch GTA Online

-in Monkey Business during the moment where you hide behind a wall and decide to either kill or let guards pass by, if you shoot them just as they are leaving room then Steve and Dave will kill them but Haines will say that they left

-if you drive Trevor's Bodhi to LSC and browse front bumpers you will see in the default one Mr.Raspberry Jam even if you haven't yet progressed in the story

-I had only like 5 private dances in Vanilla Unicorn but after Bury the Hatched Social Club states that I have got 49 (I was in the club recently and threw some cash to one of the strippers but didn't request any private sessions)

-if I repeat the Paleto Score then I won't be able to hire a gunman with 6% take (but I had option to hire him in first approach)

-also game doesn't remember who I have picked before when replaying any heists with planning board (they will behave like it is their first job and have default stats)

-in Snatched random event the game told me that I was able to take the girl to Altruists' Camp even after eradicating them after 4 delivered victims as Trevor, there was Altruists' icon on minimap but when I drove her to the place the game correctly didn't let me deliver her but the icon remained until after I dropped her off at heir destination

-game has many typos in polish version and part of untranslated websites (I am not going to list them because there is too many and because this isn't polish forum)

-game has blurred car mirrors (well they are there for a reason, it doesn't make driving in FPP any easier with narrow field of view) also in one sports car (can't remember, it was probably Banshee) the right mirror was obstructed with a gap between front and side window as it was too far in front (this isn't exactly a bug but it surprises me how Rockstar dealt with it)

-if you buy smaller garage then vehicles that won't fit won't be sold but instead remain unavailable until you buy another garage or swap for larger one

-in Survival sometimes one or more enemies may spawn inside buildings making progressing to the next wave impossible (as the foe is unable to be killed)

-if you snipe guards on the towers around Bollingbroke Prison then you won't sometimes get 3-star wanted level but if you injure them then you will get wanted

-Marnie will spam you with messages concerning Epsilon tracts if you haven't collected them yet

-Trevor's shirt and trousers will clip with each other as he walks (the belt of the pants will clip through on the sides)

-when you eat peyote and transition to a bird and then fly the game will have huge input lag making flying really hard


poland, added your two new bugs (the max. dollar amount isn't a bug per se of course, but a very interesting limit--I wondered about that!)


It is a bug, you can easily reach the limit using Lester Assassination Missions that manipulate Stock Market prices. They could make a 10billion dollars limit, more or less but instead we get this and it also makes it impossible to sell any stocks if you already happen to have enough money. Also the thing with Elegy RH8, it wasn't a commentary, I have one unwanted car that I can't sell. What if I were to buy 10? I would have a useless garage full of cars that I don't exactly need and can't dispose in any way. Rockstar could make it able to sell the car for 0$ to avoid exploits.


You should also clean up the list as there are many listed bugs in wrong sections.

Edited by poland stronk
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I've got a few bugs on my version:


1. There is an annoying block of corrupted graphics on the bottom right corner of the screen.

2. I've got a problem where the mouse sometimes sticks, meaning that my character will keep on firing his gun after I've released the mouse key, sometimes for a few seconds, or the weapon wheel will continue to show (doesn't happen if I'm using my PS3 controller)

3. When I try to replay missions, a lot of the time my player's car is completely missing, meaning I sometimes have to spend a long time trying to find another vehicle, which is obviously far from ideal if I'm trying to do timed missions.


I appreciate this is a big game and everything, but considering it took them nearly 2 years to release this god-damn game on PC after it came out on 360 and PS3, you would have thought they could have done a bit of a better job of debugging!!!

Edited by edwardh
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Most of the time ppl with retail or warehouse version won't see ppl with steam version online on SC (and vice-versa). Even if they are in same lobby.

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@ Jax765, poland stronk, edwardh, Tomasak: Thanks all--added!


@ poland: Points well taken on the Elegy resale issue, and the 2.3 billion dollar issue. Added. Note though that some items could logically be categorized into multiple sections, which makes it look like some issues are disorganized. But if you feel something needs to be moved, just send me a PM with the bug(s) and which category you feel they need to be moved to.


@ All: Unless it's immediately obvious, please include rationale as to why it's a bug, and which category you feel your bug should go in. Hopefully this will help substantiate the reports.


Renamed "Vehicles" section to "Vehicles / Garages" to accommodate additional, similar bugs.


Added new "Survivals" section.

Edited by DentureDynamite
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I feel like that if Rockstar doesn't fix these bugs, I know of something that would be bad to do, but might just get them to fix the bug.


Release a mod for GTA Online which spawns a crap load of peds just doing the aim from cover animation repetitively. This would be an evil thing to do, but it would definitely make the bug very obvious and motivate Rockstar to fix it.

You're a f*cking genius. Do you know of anyone who knows how to make mods and is not afraid to get their hands dirty?

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This should probably go in the Audio/Sound Category;


At times the Radio, or Sound effects will randomly become softened/muffled or echoed.


if you need more Information, let me know. :)

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I feel like that if Rockstar doesn't fix these bugs, I know of something that would be bad to do, but might just get them to fix the bug.


Release a mod for GTA Online which spawns a crap load of peds just doing the aim from cover animation repetitively. This would be an evil thing to do, but it would definitely make the bug very obvious and motivate Rockstar to fix it.

You're a f*cking genius. Do you know of anyone who knows how to make mods and is not afraid to get their hands dirty?


Problem is, they'd rather hit the GTAO ban button repeatedly than fix the issue, probably.

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-If you go to gallery in pause menu to browse snapmatic pictures and select one of them and press key to view next or previous one then their info (title, place, description, etc.) won't change. Also you can view only certain photoshots, if you want to view them all then you have to back up to see them all and select those which are on next page. -Miscellaneous

-One of the preparations for Burau Raid as Firefighters requires you to acquire a getawy car. When you find one the game will say that you have to call Franklin or Trevor (even if you play as Franklin +Trevor being in conflict with Michael making no sense and having no involvment in heist). This was probably because same action took place before Blitz Play where you indeed had to call Michael/Franklin and Trevor instead of Lester. The correct tooltip popped up later on as I re-entered the car. -Story Mode

-Also selecting a spot to park the car is really buggy, the game won't show you if the spot is right and you have to exit car then re-enter so you will be notified if the parking spot is too close to FIB building (really illogical) or if the car is too small (4-seater requirement). If no problems are detected only then you are allowed to make a call to Franklin/Michael and Lester. -Story Mode

-Police Helicopters are able to spot player through concrete pillars on the top of construction site where one of the Lester Assassinations mission takes place. If you land on top of the building then move one floor down and hide behind of the pillars then you might break from police sight but the choppers will see you after a while even if you are fully covered by ceiling and those supporting blocks (and if add the fact that they will miraculously know where you are and move as close to your position then it makes it impossible to lose them, trapping you on top of the construction with endless waves of police helicopters if you have no parachute at your disposal). -Police AI

-If you meet Franklin as Michael or vice versa after Wrap Up then they will still talk about Trevor's intentions to kill Michael even after they spoke to each other after shoot-out in Kortz Centre concluding that Trevor will leave him alone after Union Depository Heist if they both survive. (Developer Oversight) -Story Mode

Edited by poland stronk
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@ PhillBellic/poland stronk: Thanks! Items added


@ Phill: Yes, if you could elaborate and/or provide some more context for the bug, that would be great! I suspect though that it's related to some user-added music files being played back with notably lower volumes, even after they've been adjusted with an app like mp3gain.

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-After "Reuniting Family" when you are force-switched to Trevor who lies naked on a beach around dead bodies if you switch to someone else and back to him, he will have his default (white T-shirt and grey pants) clothing on.

-if you beat up stalker in Tracey's mini-mission, she will say you killed him (game doesn't distinguish if you shoot someone dead or just kick him into unconsciousness which applies to all activities, missions etc.).

Edited by poland stronk
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I can confirm, after playing a couple rounds of Denial of Service, using one of my existing Dubsta2's; that after getting new ones to spawn... the wheel colors on mine had definetely reset to stock wheels after being stored in my garage. Not only that, but both of them seemed to have a slightly different paint shade. As though they had originally had some sort of pearlescent added; but after being stored in my garage for 24 hours... that pearlescent was removed and their paint appeared duller when I parked each next to a newly spawned identical version.


I took some pictures of the gold one with my snapmatic but it would not allow me to save them to my gallery, I guess because I was on a mission?


Oh well, I replaced my originals with the newly spawned ones, so I have the painted wheels again! :)



Finally got a picture of this.


On the far right is my Gold Dubsta2. Next to it, is a newly acquired Gold Dubsta2; that I stored in my garage not but 10 minutes prior to this picture.




Notice how the color on mine seems different, almost seems like mine has lost some sort of pearlescent that the other one has that is giving it a slightly different shade of gold.... making it look more gold then mine. Best I can describe it is as though the two have been coated in completely different gold carats... like one is 24 carat gold, and the other is 16 carat gold.


Mine also lost the gold color on its wheels so I had them painted copper cause its the only color I have available that looks close.


This happens every time I store a new Dubsta 2 in my garage, about 24 hours later, they lose some sort of pearlescent as well as their wheel color.


Regardless, LSC still pays me the same amount for them.


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Dunno if it was posted but:

Color of character or something else on logitech mouse will stay when game is closed, mouse color need to be changed manually (miscellaneous)

Edited by Tomasak
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^^ Tomasak, if you would, could you clarify this a bit by adding some more detail? I'm not quite following what the bug is?


Some gaming devices like keyboards or mices may have a customizable glow colors. GTA V takes use of it so if you play as Franklin it will glow green, as Michael bright blue and as Trevor orange. Also when you get wanted level it will flash red and blue but apparently when you quit the game you will have to switch manually back to original glow color as game doesn't restore it.


Anyway more bugs to report:

-If you have bought Los Santos Customs as Franklin and take Bravado Gauntlet(s) to modify it for free the post-mission screen will be glitched, it will say that you have spent enough money to customize the car (over 17 000$ is required) but if you go to Social Club webpage it will say that you haven't ticked the requirement off. If you scored gold in these missions Social Club will say that you scored silver. Also if you repair the car it will give incorrect sums in money spent post-screen like 8$ or 11$ and still say that you met it. If you don't repair the car (by entering shop without scratch) then game will correctly say that you didn't spent enough money. I say that game should sum up money that you would otherwise spent but not punish for clever property usage as Franklin to avoid additional costs for the heist. -Story Mode

-in Content Creator I mentioned that you have to press Caps Lock instead of TAB to change camera modes. Well game sometimes spawns me as an actor and change view modes but it may glitch. So it isn't wrong control display window but something more serious. -Content Creator

-In a mission where you have to steal police van with skipe strips you jump over fence in police parking lot, a cop may detect you saying "who is this guy?" but won't trigger the alarm. He will detect you even if you landed behind building. Don't know if he is alerted if you jump over in stealth mode. -Story Mode

-Police may detect you over walls if you are disguised in a vehicle and drive close to them. It happened to me in Pillbox Hill parking lot where one of the Gauntlets for The Big Score is located. I had wanted level, entered random car and drove to top floor, police on lower levels have been detecting me and losing repeatedly and my blip on HUD was turning grey like nothing happened. It did increase time to lose them though as when I was "detected" the evesion timer was resetting. -Police AI

-If you have available phone call to someone to someone, game will give you ability to call him even if you play as wrong character. After Meltdown I was able to call Jimmy as Michael, but to hear the optional dialog I had to switch to Franklin call him. (this may have been intended by developers). -Story Mode

-If you wear a T-Shirt as Franklin and call someone (making him lift the phone to his head), his right arm will clip through T-Shirt sleeve. -Clothing

-Sometimes cars will spawn with matte-like paintjob. You can't paint the car in those and it is clearly noticable in Bravado Gauntlets. The Metallic or Standard paintjobs are glossy and reflect light better. -Vehicles

-After Meltdown Trevor will receive e-mail from Patricia Madrazo with an indicator that you can reply back but with no ability to do so if you open up message (no green plus icon in bottom of phone screen). -Story Mode

-In Big Score, after you load gold into Gruppe 6 trucks, you drive away from Union Depository. The barriers in guard booth on the parking lot don't raise up, and Trevor controlled by AI will smash through it (same case as in Online Prison Break Heist). -Story Mode

Edited by poland stronk
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You can probably remove the Social Club login issue, seems to be fixed now, as it always signs in automatically.


Rain glitch is fixed too (changing graphical settings resulted in water splashes appearing in mid-air during rain/thunder).

Edited by Jax765
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@ Jax765: Thanks! Fixed bugs are shown crossed out (not removed, just in case...). I'll let each person who reported the bug(s) verify that it's fixed for them before crossing the bug(s) out.


Also, I don't play Story Mode, so I'll crossout any of those when verified as fixed by the people that reported them.


Note: VERY happy to see the blue mini-map/radar icons now able to be turned off! Awesome. That, and the animals-reporting-you-in-the-wilderness bug finally being fixed. Can anyone verify this?


Here's hoping for more solid fixes of relevant, long-standing bugs!

Edited by DentureDynamite
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The number of bugs that are fixed is quite disappointing compared to the amount of bugs that are not fixed. Rockstar never ceases to amaze me with amazing games, and then they never cease to disappoint me by leaving obnoxious bugs in the game.

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The front-end graphics issue I reported has been fixed.

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^^ Thanks! Now shown as fixed.


The number of bugs that are fixed is quite disappointing compared to the amount of bugs that are not fixed. Rockstar never ceases to amaze me with amazing games, and then they never cease to disappoint me by leaving obnoxious bugs in the game.


I'm hoping(!) that with all attention on GTA Online, and only three platforms, they can focus on more bug fixing...it was great to see the hide mini-map icons option(s) added--way overdue!

Edited by DentureDynamite
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