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GTA 5 PS3 Pac Standard Help


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Im really struggling with the setups of the Pac Standard because nobody is joining. Ive only done the first setup, and ive started the heist about 3 months ago. If you read this and are above level 70 (I could make an exception if under level 70 but I dont want retards on the job) and are interested to finish the heist with me, add me on PSN: ThomvdE

I will give anyone who's joining 25% in the final on the hard difficulty.

And Ive also got a plan to keep the most of the 1,25 mil, but I'll tell that later on.

So anyone who's above level 70, add me on PSN if you want to join.

Im level 94 btw

Tnx in advance


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me and a friend of mine want to join i have bin playing gta online since the begining i am lvl 57 and my friend 67

me PSN:toledo123

friend PSN:pimmieboy0508


PS:i have all weapons like minigun and stuff

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Yeah, fine, Imma wait for one more guy to join, I dont want a random online player, I will add you when I found the other guy

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