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[V|REL] Custom Aim View


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This simple script mod allows you to save a pre-set camera zoom level that is recalled every time you aim.


While Aiming tap the view change key to choose your desired Aim camera.
When you stop aiming the camera will go back to how it was before you aimed.
When you aim again the camera will go to your saved aim camera automatically.


This way you can have a third person aim camera and first person normal camera also if that's more your style.






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​I just wanted to say thank you for making this. I'm another one who's familiar with the ADS handling in the Arma series and I've been hoping for this feature since V dropped on PC - and you just made it happen! (plus it's totally flexible!)


This, combined with a few other choice-yet-subtle mods has been a complete SP game-changer for me...Thank you for adding to that experience.


I saw from the other post that you had issues getting this up on GTA5-Mods - If it's not too much hassle and you can be arsed, may I suggest giving it another go? ...only because as subtle as it is it's a really cool mod, and I think it'd be a winner. I only stumbled on this one by chance and I don't think the wider audience that'd be after this feature will be so lucky.


Anyhows, cheers again :^:

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GTA5-Mods always approves things within a few hours. This means they somehow skipped yours (probably accidentally flagged as spam), so you have to contact them again about it to get it approved. They get a lot of submissions and occasionally things get sent to the spam box. [email protected]

Edited by Darlyn
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