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Hlp with creating Drift ASI mod


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Before I get started I'd like it to be known that I have no idea about scripting on any level nor how ASI files work, so bare with me. I'm look for someone to help create an ASI file that runs my drift mod, I already have the mod but I'd be lying if I said I was happy with the install process and the instructions I've included with it. Because of this, I'm hoping there is a simple way of going from using the original handling, to use the modified handling line with a menu selection. Nothing over the top or fancy, just on or off.


The way the mod works now is kind of annoying, you have to find the car you want to mod in the handling file and paste specific data over whats there. If you change your mind while the game is loaded, you have to exit and start again. I'd like to to be available for anything with four wheels (or anything that I could paste the data on) but also be able to switch off through a menu.


Is there anyone that can help with the creation of such a mod? I hope i'm not asking a massive favor and that I'm not sounding to demanding. :miranda:

Any help or replies in regards would be great.


Side note: Here is the mod I want to update RWD Drift handling V.4

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I believe that would require memory editing, which would be difficult to implement.


What would I google to start learning how to make files? Not even sure if what I'm asking makes any sense but where can I start?

Edited by _astroAtomic
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