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Hollywood Flowing billboard texture


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osxdp2YJ.pngSo I know I can edit the lod (mid to far range) texture for this but has anyone found the elusive hi res texture for this?

I know this is an elusive one to locate but im wondering because it has special animation features; ie flowing wind effect, that perhaps explains why its not in the location we would expect it to be?

Im dying to mod this obviously and hope anyone has any info on this at all.


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I found the culprit.

Its in a fragment file (.yft) that only Texture Toolkit can view, export and recompile.

My mods posted and currently awaiting approval.



Maybe provide a photoshop template, its a little bit of a tricky one to edit.













This is the original ad I heavily modified in photoshop to what you see now.

It looked a little bland just green and I liked the color scheme of the original so I added some masks and color filters.




Edited by justindesig
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The embed ".yft" files were split into two halves at 512 x 1024.

I suppose someone could test out higher res textures an see if they work, im not to familiar with that process though.

Then I guess you would have to up the resolution on the lower text part.

This was really a complicated object to to edit.

I had to do a full 1024x 1024 mock up and then cut it up and jigsaw it all together with its endless number of fragmented pieces.


For anyone interested you must drag the two files "h1_02_flw01.yft" and "h1_02_flw02.yft" to your desktop and open, then extract with Texture Toolkit.

Edited by justindesig
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