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SAxVCxLC - VC and LC in San Andreas


Recommended Posts

On 2/13/2021 at 9:39 AM, artginPL said:

This version is used.

You're right. I must have tested using different vehicles. Sorry about that.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Good day sir! Listen, I've got a cool idea. So, this mod is great, lovely, but it's missing something, IVF and Vehfuncs adaptation. Now, you聽could聽just download the "Original vehicles adapted to IVF", but that would only mod the original gta sa cars. What if you could adapt ALL of the 3d unverse cars to IVf and Vehfuncs? That's my goal as a modder. My "idea" is this: I adapt these cars, and you put them as an optional mod in the download. How does that sound?

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Also, do you know why my screen goes black whenever I reach another city AND I'm not in the water?

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Hello, I want to report a bug. The traffic in some parts of Liberty City is traveling in the wrong direction (left), specifically in the avenue/bridge connecting Staunton Island and Shoreside Vale. Is this a known bug?

Nevermind, it was an issue with SAxVCxLC Connected, I'll report it to them. Normal SAxVCxLC works fine.

Edited by TheJanox824
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good job on making this happen, i'm currently absolutely loving it. one thing that bugs me is that the windmill mod under optional mods makes my game crash when loading a new game/save game.

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On 2/26/2021 at 4:21 PM, tegrq said:

good job on making this happen, i'm currently absolutely loving it. one thing that bugs me is that the windmill mod under optional mods makes my game crash when loading a new game/save game.

Read the ReadMe file carefully.聽First you need to install WIND TURBINES聽eg from here聽WIND TURBINES.聽And then you have to replace the file from optional mods.

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  • 3 weeks later...

If I wanted to add new objects, what should my new object id number be? Is there a range of numbers that's free?

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2 hours ago, Kookachulu said:

If I wanted to add new objects, what should my new object id number be? Is there a range of numbers that's free?

There are many free IDs. if you want to add new maps, the safest option would be to use an ID in the range 28500 - 30000.

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Are there any plans to connect all the islands by roads?聽I know that Gta SAxVCxLC Connected exists, but the islands are too close to each other, which looks very bad.

This mod is the best. It is even better than GTA UG. Very good job @PlatinumSerb@artginPL聽and @chaosbginwenrealityend.

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@Kookachulu Search for and get Fastman92 free id checker 4.0聽 Install it then in-game type 'free' without quotes and this will print out all the free IDs in the game root directory in a .txt file. It is also perfectly o.k. to use IDs under 20000 unless it is something for this mod. On my custom version I used a lot of free IDs in the 6000, 7000, 12000 etc. range with no consequences. I have most of my 500 added peds in the 11000 range. Similarly, you can also use 30000 to 65535 but beware, MEd (mapeditor) crashes at ID 30000 so you won't be able to use that program with IDs higher than 29999. On my custom version I have the Bully map which I started at ID 30000 and goes to 37000 something so I have to comment that map out of gta.dat if I want to look at other maps in MEd.聽 Don't forget to keep the free id list updated tho.

Update and general info. Many of the bugs reported have been fixed and will be in the next update.

I been working on VC interiors. I had already done some of these a long time ago but never touched the mall till lately which I finished the other day. Took two weeks to fix as best as I could this infamous *R mess (well I probably see things differently). Got all the escalators working in mall and airport. Mall has many ped attractors too. Hotel has 2dfx lighting like in original VC also fixed all the missing objects which also were incredibly missing in the original game too-they were always there, just linked to the wrong .ipl interior number. Pole Position and Malibu I had done a long time ago but fixing minor little details that I had been wanting to do so basically I will have at some point for you if wanted:

1- Mall interior - kept as teleport. Fixed all culling of reflections when approaching. Straightend crooked planters. Added ped attractors everywhere. Escalators now work. The top strip which runs the parameter of the mall which looks blue in color is textured as glass so I think the intent by *R was a skylight. It works much better now after a few minor modifications. Plays original VC background music via modified audio stream.

2- Malibu interior- made mine non-teleport with operating doors. Has dance mini-game and CJ can take girlfriends which I did a long time ago. I originally scripted dancers and extra ambience but currently testing object built-in 2dfx which uses external script 'dancer' in main.scm. Also made tables/chairs ped attractors so peds eat pizza. I still have a minor bug to work out because sometimes peds are slightly 'levitated' above the seats. Has all the bar ambience like you see in SA dance clubs and plays original VC background music via modified audio stream.

3- Hotel - Tommy's Ocean Beach safe house - made mine non-teleport with operating doors, 2dfx lighting, and ambience zone. You can either play your favorite SA radio station or I can provide a modified audio stream that plays the original VC track. I also utilized the mob room as part of this interior with a working door.

4- Pole Position - mine is non-teleport with working doors. Has several ped attractors that work from main.scm external scripts. I had originally scripted extra ambience but currently testing using main.scm externals via built-in object model 2dfx. Peds sit in the booths eating pizza. It also has all the bar ambience like you see in SA strip clubs including the private dance and plays the original VC background music via modified audio stream.

5- VC beach police station - has working doors, 2dfx lighting and eventually police ambience from external scripts.

6- Vercetti Estate- mine is non teleport with working doors. Has all the original 2dfx lighting. I had to rework the back exterior to accommodate the very little pertruding interior after I did this but not really noticeable but the reward is that now the office windows work correctly in that you can now see outside. Also fixed all the missing objects like trophies, pizza boxes etc.

7- airport - escalators now work. Airport radar antennas rotate.聽 Airport runways and helipad all have 2dfx lighting like I did for LC but problem is my models prelight and the SAxVCxLC version don't match/ won't blend well so I have to figure something out.

8- All the pizza places have ped attractors. I detached all the pizza booths from the parlors and made one into a ped attractor so now all pizza places have peds eating pizza; however, on mine I modified main.scm externals FBOOTHL and FBOOTHR by reversing conditions of which interior CJ is in which determines which foods they eat. This did not effect any original SA interiors and everything works like I never did anything. Not modified they will eat hamburgers instead. I similarily edited/added to various external scripts so CJ can now buy food at these places. I just have to adjust the height of the counters so that sellers pizza trays are not buried in the counters.

9- El Banco Corrupto - mine is non-teleport (except to the vaults) with working doors and has 2dfx lighting like in original VC. Fixed bug when looking out the window 'something looks missing' (I don't know how else to describe it LOL)

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They luton

hello a month ago that I did not enter here, but hey I came to see if any of you saw in the internal files the vcpd wintergreen, which is in the image files called DEFAULT, the name of the dff and txd files is: 'x_polwin' . One question, 驴are you planning or planning to include that police vehicle in the mod?.
PS: I had an idea to include this vehicle and another vehicle that I made (lcpd wayfarer) in the mod, but I don't know how to add cops and police cars to gta sa, if anyone knows, can you explain to me how can I add cops and police cars please, but by PM.


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For me the game crashes when I try to use the Pay'N'Spray below Sunshine Autos in VC.

There's also a bug where traffic goes through the sidewalls of the Liberty City tunnels in corners.

2 further suggestions:

- The VC and LC assets shouldn't be unlocked at the start but be purchaseabIe. I mean come on, how does CJ just own the Vercetti Estate and such ? It would also add more purpose to visiting the islands in the first place.

- While I like the idea to add to LC's Map (ghost town) it makes no sense for such a remote, mountainous area to have sidewalks on it's roads.

Edited by Hitchfred_Alcock
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I've been using the mod, so far it is pretty fun!, having touch with the other cities makes me feel a bit nostalgic, some bugs of course, but the same ones that people mentioned earlier!

Keep it up with the work! can't wait for the 1.3!!! 馃槅

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@Hitchfred_Alcock Some of this has been covered already. I suggest go back 15 or so pages and read through; specifically page 62 addresses grgx.asi and why certain or all extra garages crash. In addition, one has to realize the SA engine still has some limits never 'hacked' which effects certain things one would think is ok to simply add. We added 2 complete game maps to a map that was designed with limits for 1; so now we want to add save games, garages, pickups, car spawns, weapons, peds, cars and the list goes on from those added game maps. The number of objects, cars and peds that can be added is virtually unlimited, for example; but we still have character length limits to adhere to. We can add all the garages we want but we are still limited to 50 hard coded ones so any additional ones will either overwrite the originals (loading the last 50 over the first 50 loaded-bad) or not be recognized by the game or cause problems. Grgx.asi solved the garage dilemma till FM92LA 5.0 and higher changed something which now made it incompatible.

So you purchase properties but now you want to be able to save this probably near or at the same location but now we are limited to the number of save pickups which I don't know if ever been resolved. Grgx had it's own save in My Documents folder for saving cars. My windows programming is basic but I know main.scm very well and can follow through the script as if I were playing through the game without knowing what memory address control them. I can tell you it is entirely possible to add to the save game arrays but would probably need moved to聽 the end of the scm block to accommodate it which I know would not effect the functionality but there is still a limit on the number of them. If I had my druthers, I would convert all gta3 and VC missions and add them to main.scm with the option to switch between all 3 main characters and acquire the assets through game progress.

The limitation on path editing has always been ever present especially for maps of this size. Sure we can move them around but there is currently no way to my knowledge to import, edit, then export for these larger maps. I edited a very old 3dsmax paths import script to be able to import/export all paths from this mod but I got distracted into doing something else so I haven't tested yet. Then would come research and testing because path documentation is scarce. The path bugs were carried over from the original gta3 game. Yes I would like to fix those too but editing limitations. There are more path bugs than what you mentioned. When I did the new or better yet enhanced LC port, I fixed so many Rockstar bugs there is probably not enough server space to list it all; and I know there still exists some left to be done and now working on VC which is 5 times as bad in R bugs. The SA map has path bugs and geometry errors too numerous to list too some of which I fixed too on mine. All gta games have bugs even on the infamous gta5 I found a collision bug.

I know there is a lot of things people would like to see in this mod but there is a time limitation in that it takes time to do things.

On 3/22/2021 at 11:54 PM, Hitchfred_Alcock said:

While I like the idea to add to LC's Map (ghost town) it makes no sense for such a remote, mountainous area to have sidewalks on it's roads.

Well, it was the thought of something other than what was initially there that counted. This was something I started after the initial release of this mod as a personal endever but proposed to include it as part of the new LC enhanced conversion I was working on and subsequently provided here because it made no sense for me to hoard it to myself. I thought about the sidewalks too but I was halfway through the build when I thought about it and really didn't feel like redoing it. Look at it as more of a decorative break down lane or shoulder.

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I will do an elevated subway around the entire vice city with an approach to the airport, but my game crashes at one point - between nbeachbt2 and ocean drive (on the beach). I have a lot of script聽trains and lack of markers on the radar. Teleport does not work. I made script聽trains聽 LS(Airport LS -VC(VC pass.main)聽and LV(Linden)-LC(Torrington).

In addition, there is a metro in motion聽(built from standard objects) in all cities.

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Permition to do some edits in Liberty City? i've been thinking of聽adding the Empire State and my WTC project there...




Edited by Buruno
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On 3/27/2021 at 11:17 AM, Buruno said:

Permition to do some edits in Liberty City? i've been thinking of聽adding the Empire State and WTC there...

Same dude...

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4 hours ago, SKDrub said:

Guys Look this... what happend?

Don't run as administrator.

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1 hour ago, santosvagos said:

Don't run as administrator.


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New version coming soon!聽It will be released at the beginning of May.

As usual, @chaosbginwenrealityend made a lot of map corrections.聽Thanks a lot!

Below are some screenshots with the improvements made by @chaosbginwenrealityend:

Col fixes for improper procedural grass in areas that should not have it as pointed out in the forum:



Several .ide and .ipl fixes mainly for .ide flags for proper rendering:



Bedford Park corrupted/wrong texture fixed in LC:



Vercetti Estate and El Banco Corrupto converted to non-teleport with operating doors:




Enjoy the view out the office windows:




Added missing game 100% and/or races complete items:




Improved the fountain water effects more closer to what they should be:




And many other fixes by @chaosbginwenrealityend:

Numerous bug fixes like:
- Minor col issue on building stair in LC,
- missing watertower LOD textures in VC by studios.

Northpoint mall in VC:
- fixed numerous original geometry issues - probably never noticed by most people,
- fixed numerous original collision issues - probably never noticed by most people,
- working escalators,
- ped attractors,
- fixed culling of reflections when approaching and other rendering bugs,
- 2dfx lighting.

- added 2dfx lighting.

Pole Position
- added 2dfx lighting,
- some ped attractors.

El Banco Corrupto
- various improvements and 2dfx lighting.

Vercetti Estate聽
- added 2dfx lighting.

- added 2dfx lighting,
- added missing 100% game completion and/or races complete items,
- fixed missing ceiling fans and props which ironically are missing in the original VC pc game. They were always there; just wrong .ipl interior flag.

Other features:
- Animating airport radar antennas.
- Animating VC mall ceiling fans.
- Animating hotel room ceiling fans.
- Working escalators at the VC mall and airport.
- Mall, Pole Position and Malibu original background melodies.
- VC office script that works similar to the VC mission 'G-spotlight' where Tommy had to make a series of stunt jumps around downtown to reach and adjust a spotlight. Works on foot or use any motorcycle.

And now a few things made by me:

Added subway and train system in the LC:





Improved LC Police Helicopter, boat, and a few other vehicles. Now all vehicles are SA style:




Have fun!

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  • 2 weeks later...

It all looks beautiful.聽I've always missed such a modification.聽In the past when SAxVCxLC contained only maps of GTA III and VC modification was boring.聽Back then, I preferred to use GTA UG.聽But GTA UG has everything blocked, making it impossible to install most of the modification.聽And now we have everything we need.聽I really like the opportunity to also enable or disable various functions. Very good job.

Do you plan to add a connection between the islands?聽Bridges or land.

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1 hour ago, Jack said:

Go here.

I saw it.聽It's nice connected, but the islands are too close together. It doesn't look good. And聽has a lot of bugs related to peds and vehicle traffic. Of these two modifications, I prefer this one, even though there are no bridges.聽Maybe someone will make a combination of these two modifications聽:p

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