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GTA 5 Retail or Steam?


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Hey, everyone.

I was wondering which GTA 5 version should I buy - the physical retail version or the digital Steam version.


I also have a few questions about retail versions of GTA 5:

-How will I download upcoming/latest DLC's for the game

-Will there be achievements in the game?





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I'd suggest to use the search function next time, this was brought up several times already.

You will download the updates trough the game's launcher with the retail version, and through Steam with the Steam one.

And yes, there are achievements.

Buy the one you wish, there's not much differences. If you have a good enough Internet for the download, for instance (+60Gb).

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Steam version, the updates are more stable to get.


Seems like a lot of people have an issue with the retail version and downloading the updates from R* servers.

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Positive things about the retail version: You can install the game anytime without having to re-download it! including some posters you get but those aren't really needed
Negative things about the retail version: you have to download through rockstar service which is slow af

Positive things about steam version: Nothing blocking the download! (Good service at downloading)
Negative things: have to launch steam everytime to be able to run, including annoying steam updates. (isn't really that bad)

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OK, thanks everyone. I decided to get the Steam version after all.

My internet is quite good for the 60+ GB download.

I also don't mind launching Steam in order to run the game; it's not a problem at all.


Thank you once again, guys :D

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to all windows 10 users, you have to launch steam first in administrator mode or game wont run.... it'll be fixed in a steam update though when they figure it out

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