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[III] .anm/.ska format

The Hero

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Yesterday I took a look at the .anm/.ska file format in III and documented it (I know, nothing spectacular).

These files can be found in ANIM/CUTS.IMG and are used to animate the cutscene heads. PS2 III uses RW 3.1 which didn't have the RpHAnim plugin yet (was all part of RpSkin) so the files are named .ska and look a bit different (explained in the doc).



I will put this on gtamodding when I get to it. gtamodding needs some work anyway, the Renderware related things aren't as well documented as they should be. The differences between RW versions, which GTA uses which RW version and how the files look aren't documented at all it seems. Also some formats are still missing.

Edited by The Hero
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  • 2 months later...

Please note my original description of the ska format was slightly wrong (I noticed that when I implemented it in librw), i've corrected it now. time comes after t.

Edited by The Hero
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the version I found was different

time (last frame matches length)

Quaternion (because its always <1)


Next frame


The problem i face is actually playing it back in unity

Seems like some frames are in local space and others in global space not way to tell without understanding the DFF frame system. Very confused

Actually figuring out what frames belonged to what bones was hell.



Edited by JohnHudeski
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Yeah, that's the "new" format. I'm just saying the .ska files in PS2 III are different.

HAnim doesn't drive an RwFrame hierarchy normally but the HAnim node array. To understand how these key frames map to that array you should read the RW manual on the animation system. You have an array of matrices somewhere that is updated as you play the animation. From that the bone matrices are calculated and together with the inverse bone matrices you get what you need to transform vertices.


EDIT: actually, why noy join the irc channel in my sig? It's more practical to talk about things there.

Edited by The Hero
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I will join the irc. I'm just really bad at irc-ing

PS I think most anm animations do not have root motion. They always animate 1 bone less.

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