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New Tactical Gear or military update?


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I am very aware that Rockstar has been busting there asses on GTA V updates and working on GTA 6, but I am very curious about if anyone agrees with my ideas for a future military update for V, or even for future Grand Theft Auto games, here's what the military update should have:


Tactical gear

- Helmet and Mask at Once with either Goggles or Glasses

- Tactical googles (Revision Desert Locust or Grunt Goggles)

- Fast Helmets, Mich Helmets, and Bump Helmets

- Plate Carriers (Multiple variants, Interceptor, 6094s, JPCs, Average PCs, and C.I.R.A.S in all colors)

- BDUs, TDUs, ACUs, any one.

- Multicam or Land Camo gear

- Helmet mounts for night vision

- More tactical looking gloves

- Tan, Shiny Black, and Camo combat boots, tucked or untucked

- Knee Pads

- Molle Pouches you can add onto your vest (You don't have to choose were)

- Combat Belts

- Buyable Police and SWAT uniforms, including riot gear

- Holsters and Slings for faster gun draws



- Humvee Equivalent with Patriot

- Attack Jeeps like in Battlefield

- Armored Limo (Just like the Presidents)

- Armored Buffalo's (Just like the President's Security)


- Anti Air Vehicle (Example: LAV AD)

- Camo color for vehicles

- Customizable Pegasus Vehicles

- Bullet-Proof Windows

- Coqutte Police Vehicle

- Harley Road King Police Bike

- Buffalo Police Car



- Ak-74u

- Mk11

- L96

- Cheytac M200

- M60e4

- Bipod For Any Rifle

- AS Val

- Extended Barrel for Assault Rifles (Add's Accuracy like in any game lol -_-)

- Kriss Vector

- Holo Sights and ACOG sights

- 870 with choice of buckshot or Slugs (Classic Version with wood)

- 44. Magnum

- 357. Magnum (Faster reload and ROF then 44., but weaker)


- 308. Rifle

- Mosin Nagant

- Tactical Camos for every weapon

- M203 for every assault rifle discluding Bullpup and Advanced Rifles

- Favorite option for 1 weapon per category, option to holster you pistol and sling a rifle and a secondary weapon for example, Sniper, SMG, Shotgun, or Grenade Launcher.


Planes and Choppers

- Annihilator with more guns and missles (Just like the Valkeryie but without 30mm on front, replaced with air to ground missles and 50s on the sides)

- Apache

- Cargo Planes at the airport

- Presidential Planes (Airforce One)

- All Choppers can have customization, including armor upgrades, equipment upgrades, and color changes.

- Planes and Chopper have flares, but it takes 10 - 15 seconds to regenerate (Or just give the vehicle a limited amount of flares, and we have to buy them whilst customizing the vehicle at the airport)

- Can Store Vehicles and People in back of these Vehicles, Titan, Cargo Plane, and the Cargo Chopper)

- Vehicles and People can parachute out back of titan and Cargo Plane.

- Players can zipline out of any chopper excluding cargo chopper when carrying cargo



- Buyable AA boats

- Buyable Attack Boats

- Armed Dinghy

- Aircraft Carriers roam the ocean, and can be invaded, but they'll have more troops aboard and helos and jets will attack you. Win over the ship and you be rewarded money or vehicles.

- Amphibious Assault Vehicles



- Homes can have a armory, or you can buy a armory with a garage.

- Homes on water can have a dock

- Docks for sale

- Buyable hangars at LSIA


Missions and Local Events

- Do missions for the LSPD

- Do missions for Merryweather

- Do missions for military

- Get money and extra xp for killing players who are murdering civilians, police, and military personelle

- Choosing what kind of crew you make, Cop crew, Swat crew, Military crew, criminal crew, gang crew, bounty hunting crew, and mafia styled crews.

- Choice of crew affects play style, for example. As a police officer you can attack players who have stars and get assistance from local NPC cops and players. Players can surrender and pay certain amounts of money to avoid having stars and or getting killed. Soldiers, Marines, and anyone in the games military can attack players with 4 - 5 stars, with lethal force. Bounty Hunters stay how they are now lol :p

Criminal, gang, and mafia crews get more money while doing missions and robbing stores and doing heists.

- Good guy crews do patrols and assaults rather then missions. These include capturing criminals, arresting petty robbers, taking down car thieves, intercepting car chases including Simeon cars, military base defense, and the option for the military to assist officers and sheriffs in 4-5 star crimes


- Police, Military, and Swat crews cannot participate in heists, but have a whole other type of mission.

This activity would be called Operations. There are drug busts, terrorist take downs, riot controlls, defending high level officials in speeches, assassinating drug lords and kingpins, and other related ops.

- Criminal crews have new kinds of heist including assassinations, convoy interceptions, drug deals, weapon deals, equipment theft, and other types of heists.


World Changes

- Criminal NPCs

- All Cops have partners, be it NPC or player

- Randomly Generated Military Convoys.

- Random Bank and Store robberies

- Some NPCs can have bounties, and fight back

- Can join the military at any local recruitment center (Marines Recruitment, Army Recruitment, Airforce, and Navy)

- Can join LSPD at local police station (Choose to be SWAT or Police Officer)

- Some NPCs will attack police and other NPCs.

- Realistic Car Crashes

- More NPCs

- Way more traffic in Los Santos



I know it is alot to ask for in a update, but it is just a boat load of ideas for GTA V, GTA VI, or any other game Rockstar makes that is realistic and a free roamer. Lemme know what yall think about all of this, tanks and thanks

- RowBearToe




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