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Favorite TV & Movie scenes?


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If it's on mobile, you can't, which I'm guessing you are.


OT: The Dark Knight is a modern classic, no doubts. Two-Face is my personal favorite Batman villain (Yes, above The Joker). The scene with him waking up after the disaster that disfigured him, and sees his coin burned on one side, is chilling if you know the context of it. Then there's his reveal, which is also amazing.



Then there's the final scene, which is the best scene in the movie IMO. The music just kills it.


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It would be hard to choose a favourite one, I will just leave this here.




"[...]and he was surprised at himself because he didn't feel anything anymore. All he wanted to do was... sleep. And for the first time, he wished he were far away. Lost in a deep, vast country where nobody knew him. Somewhere without language, or streets. He dreamed about this place without knowing its name. And when he woke up, he was on fire. [...]Then he ran. He never looked back at the fire. He just ran. He ran until the sun came up and he couldn't run any further. And when the sun went down, he ran again. For five days he ran like this until every sign of man had disappeared."

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These two scenes, in respect to each individual movie. It's the aspect of that you see Michael in the second Godfather, finding out that Fredo was involved in the attempt on his life, showing his anger and giving Fredo the kiss of death, aptly named. Forward to the third Godfather and you really see that Michael is a shell of his former self, in my opinion, he looks exhausted and not the best for wear. When he admits to the priest, "I ordered the death of my brother, he injured me", that small sentence is powerful, in its own sense.

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^^Heat restaurant scene





^^ Karate Kid. That last kick for the victory





^^ The Usual Suspects. When he figures everything out





^^ The Goodfellas. How the f*ck am I funny?




and last but not least



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Everything is pretend in this world. If you've got the money you can pretend to be anything and others will play along. The system is built on a collective agreement not to expose the other as a fraud if he reciprocates and does not go overboard.

In the bar scene when Clark's education is threatened by exposing it to the possibility that it is all imitation, regurgitated understanding, the threatening culprit, Will, must be reduced to a brute, "you'll be serving my kids fries" Clark threatens him in a bid to get Will to submit and remain blind to the fraud. Will unwilling to abandon his reason leaves with the upper hand. His victory is a small one, for his disobedience, and refusal to parrot the lies of the system he is condemned to exist outside of it and must return back to where he spends most of the film, back to the periphery.

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Brilliant topic, OP. Let me list some of them slipping my mind ATM.


"little snip"


Wow, I can't believe I've listed most of them at least... as a film geek, there are lots to mention. And sorry if some of them are too inappropiate to put on here. :D

Dang dude,that's a lot of movies, you really forgot some?

I'm gonna list some of mine:


Ash gets out of the basement as a badass/Ash gears up (Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn)


Spider-Man fights Doc Ock on top of a NY train (Spider-Man 2)


Shawn and Ed throw vinyl discs to some backyard zombies (Shaun of the Dead)


Homer and Bart jump the Springfield Gorge on bike (The Simpsons: The Movie)


The T-Rex breaks loose (Jurrassic Park)


"I'll be back" (Terminator)

"I need your boots, your clothes and your bike"/Storm drain chase (Terminator 2)


Cop torture (Reservoir dogs)


Coolidge breaks loose and saves Marcellus/ Jules "negotiates" with pumpkin (Pulp Fiction)


Opening scene/plane fight (Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark)


"Party is over" (Brain Dead)


"Chevzilla fight" (Crank 2)


I'm forgetting some, my post is missing links ,depth and would be cool if my post was expanded a bit, but i'm on mobile.

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I was privileged to be able to see the Back to the Future trilogy in the movie theater this past Wednesday (October 21st, 2015 aka "Future Day"). I loved the train sequence in Back to the Future Part III where Marty and the Delorean make their final trip. Alan Silvestri's score is amazing. I got goosebumps as the score really picks up right before the jump at 1:42 and the camera pans across the time circuits readout.



Edited by TheFoxRiverFugitive
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"the world is yours"





this , especially when they try to make Grandpa kill her





"send more cops "




and this










Edited by Ganton
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The film 'The Matrix' is an attack on "the system" but all the while it is merely a venting device. It is a wink at the growing discontent and an attempt to feed it what it is becoming to suspect - that it lives in the artificial - at the same time the film attempts to inject the narrative with a desirable outlook.

The "free" ones, Neo and the crew, for some reason must risk their new found liberty in order to free the "sleepers" - those who will oppose them and hate them. The "sleeping ones must be freed regardless if they deserve it.

The theme that humanity is one united body which we are all dedicated and for which we all must fight for is the theme that returns the audience back to the Matrix it has begun to become aware of and is now questioning. The "awakened" ones - their morals and their self-identities are still enslaved to the power of the Matrix and instead of taking advantage of their new awareness and act as demi-gods they are to think of freeing mankind as being so obvious as to not even require justification.

Humanity is not something to be overcome, or transcended, instead it is something to be returned to, surrendered to. The one must sacrifice for the many.

It is the biggest lie of the Matrix and so it is also the one the audience must never be allowed to question.

Edited by Rusty Balls
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