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[C#/.NET] Simple Helpful Functions


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    void RagdollPed(Ped ped, int duration)    {        Function.Call(Hash.SET_PED_CAN_RAGDOLL, ped, true);        Function.Call(Hash.SET_PED_TO_RAGDOLL, ped, duration, duration, 0, 0, 0, 0);    }

This ragdoll function needs two parameters: the pedestrian that will ragdoll and how long they will ragdoll for.


Example: RagdollPed(Game.Player.Character, 5000); - This will ragdoll the player for 5 seconds.

    void ChangePlayerModel(string Model)    {        Model PedModel = Model;        PedModel.Request(500);        if (PedModel.IsInCdImage && PedModel.IsValid)        {            while (!PedModel.IsLoaded) Script.Wait(100);            Function.Call(Hash.SET_PLAYER_MODEL, Game.Player, PedModel.Hash);;        }        PedModel.MarkAsNoLongerNeeded();    }

This player model function will allow you to change your player model with ease, all you need is the model name.


Example: ChangePlayerModel("a_c_cop"); - This will change you into Chop.



I will be posting some simple functions I made that combine multiple natives together to get an easy and simple result, feel free to post any that you have and I will update.



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    /// <summary>    /// Gets the id of the player    /// </summary>    private int GetPlayerId()    {        return Function.Call<int>(Hash.PLAYER_ID);    }
    /// <summary>    /// Gets the ped handle of the player    /// </summary>    private Ped GetPlayerPed()    {        //return Game.Player.Character;        return Function.Call<Ped>(Hash.PLAYER_PED_ID);    }
    /// <summary>    /// Gets player's group id    /// </summary>    private int GetPlayerGroup()    {        return Function.Call<int>(Hash.GET_PED_GROUP_INDEX, GetPlayerPed());    }

These are probably the most used natives you will always end up needed what they return.

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This one returns if the ped is in combat with any other ped. I know shv.net has a check for this, but it doesn't work for the player, while this one does.

    bool IsInCombat(Ped ped)    {        foreach (Ped target in World.GetAllPeds())        {            if (target.IsAlive && GTA.Native.Function.Call<bool>(GTA.Native.Hash.IS_PED_IN_COMBAT, target, ped))            {                return true;            }        }        return false;    }

Useful for any entity you need to touch, checks if the entity isn't null, then if the entity itself exists in the world.

    bool CanWeUse(Entity entity)    {        return entity != null && entity.Exists();    }

Renames blips.

void SetBlipName(Blip blip, string text)    {        GTA.Native.Function.Call(GTA.Native.Hash._0xF9113A30DE5C6670, "STRING");        GTA.Native.Function.Call(GTA.Native.Hash._ADD_TEXT_COMPONENT_STRING, text);        GTA.Native.Function.Call(GTA.Native.Hash._0xBC38B49BCB83BC9B, blip);    }

Returns the player waypoint coords. If the coords aren't valid, it returns the closest -valid- point to the waypoint.

    Vector3 GetWaypointCoords()    {           Vector3 pos = Function.Call<Vector3>(Hash.GET_BLIP_COORDS, Function.Call<Blip>(Hash.GET_FIRST_BLIP_INFO_ID, 8));        if (Function.Call<bool>(Hash.IS_WAYPOINT_ACTIVE) && pos != null || pos != new Vector3(0, 0, 0))        {            Vector3 WayPos = ToGround(pos);            if (WayPos.Z == 0 || WayPos.Z == 1)            {                WayPos = World.GetNextPositionOnStreet(WayPos);                return WayPos;            }        }        return Vector3.Zero;    }    private Vector3 ToGround(Vector3 position)    {        position.Z = World.GetGroundHeight(new Vector2(position.X, position.Y));        return new Vector3(position.X, position.Y, position.Z);    }

Teleports a list of peds on a vehicle.

    void GetSquadIntoVehicle(List<Entity> Squad, Vehicle Vehicle)    {        int max_seats = GTA.Native.Function.Call<int>(GTA.Native.Hash.GET_VEHICLE_MAX_NUMBER_OF_PASSENGERS, Vehicle);        for (int i = -1; i < max_seats; i++)        {            if (i == Squad.Count - 1)            {                break;            }            if (GTA.Native.Function.Call<bool>(GTA.Native.Hash.IS_VEHICLE_SEAT_FREE, Vehicle, i) && (CanWeUse(Squad[i + 1])))            {                GTA.Native.Function.Call<bool>(GTA.Native.Hash.TASK_ENTER_VEHICLE, Squad[i + 1], Vehicle, -1, i, 2.0, 16, 0);            }        }    }
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This one is especially useful, Rockstar uses it in all if not most their scripts.

    int GetRandomIntInRange(int min, int max)    {        Random rand = new Random();        return rand.Next(min, max + 1);    }
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But... but... but...

    int Random(int min,int max)    {        return Function.Call<int>(Hash.GET_RANDOM_INT_IN_RANGE, min, max);    }

(There is another native for a random float, too)

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Here are some extensions for picking random items out of collections (arrays, lists enums etc.)
Personally I use these all the time.

    /// <summary>    /// Extension for getting a random item from a collection    /// </summary>    /// <typeparam name="T">Type of collection</typeparam>    /// <param name="items"></param>    /// <returns></returns>    public static T GetRandomItem<T>(this IEnumerable<T> items)    {        if (items.Count() < 1) return default(T);        var random = new Random(Guid.NewGuid().GetHashCode());        return (T)(object)items.ToArray()[random.Next(0, items.Count())];    }    /// <summary>    /// Extension for getting a random enum item    /// </summary>    /// <typeparam name="T">Type of enum</typeparam>    /// <param name="items"></param>    /// <returns></returns>    public static T GetRandomItem<T>(this Enum items)    {        var types = Enum.GetValues(typeof(T));        return types.Cast<T>().GetRandomItem();    }


var randomHash = default(VehicleHash).GetRandomItem<VehicleHash>();new List<int>{ 1, 2, 3}.GetRandomItem();Enumerable.Range(0, 1000).GetRandomItem();
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    bool AnyCopNear(Vector3 pos, float radius)    {        return Function.Call<bool>(Hash.IS_COP_PED_IN_AREA_3D, pos.X - radius, pos.Y - radius, pos.Z - radius, pos.X + radius, pos.Y + radius, pos.Z + radius);    }

Pretty self explanatory.

    Vehicle GetLastVehicle(Ped RecieveOrder)    {        Vehicle vehicle = null;        if (GTA.Native.Function.Call<Vehicle>(GTA.Native.Hash.GET_VEHICLE_PED_IS_IN, RecieveOrder, true) != null)        {            vehicle = GTA.Native.Function.Call<Vehicle>(GTA.Native.Hash.GET_VEHICLE_PED_IS_IN, RecieveOrder, true);            if (vehicle.IsAlive)            {                return vehicle;            }        }        else        {            if (GTA.Native.Function.Call<Vehicle>(GTA.Native.Hash.GET_VEHICLE_PED_IS_IN, RecieveOrder, false) != null)            {                vehicle = GTA.Native.Function.Call<Vehicle>(GTA.Native.Hash.GET_VEHICLE_PED_IS_IN, RecieveOrder, false);                if (vehicle.IsAlive)                {                    return vehicle;                }            }        }        return vehicle;    }

This function returns the current vehicle the ped is in, or, if the ped isn't in any vehicle, the last vehicle the ped used.

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Display Help Text on Screen



    Private Sub DisplayHelpText(ByVal [text] As String)        Dim arguments As InputArgument() = New InputArgument() {"STRING"}        Native.Function.Call(Hash._0x8509B634FBE7DA11, arguments)        Dim argumentArray2 As InputArgument() = New InputArgument() {[text]}        Native.Function.Call(Hash._0x6C188BE134E074AA, argumentArray2)        Dim argumentArray3 As InputArgument() = New InputArgument() {0, 0, 1, -1}        Native.Function.Call(Hash._0x238FFE5C7B0498A6, argumentArray3)    End Sub


    private void DisplayHelpText(string text)    {        InputArgument[] arguments = new InputArgument[] { "STRING" };        Native.Function.Call(Hash._0x8509B634FBE7DA11, arguments);        InputArgument[] argumentArray2 = new InputArgument[] { text };        Native.Function.Call(Hash._0x6C188BE134E074AA, argumentArray2);        InputArgument[] argumentArray3 = new InputArgument[] {0,0,1,-1};        Native.Function.Call(Hash._0x238FFE5C7B0498A6, argumentArray3);    }


                    DisplayHelpText("Press ~INPUT_CONTEXT~ to enter Premium Deluxe Motorsport.")
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    float GetRandomFloatInRange(float min, float max)    {        return Function.Call<float>(Hash.GET_RANDOM_FLOAT_IN_RANGE, min, max);    }

Helpful for getting random floats.

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This will load the MP Maps to SP.

    Public Shared Sub LoadMPDLCMap()        Native.Function.Call(Hash._LOAD_MP_DLC_MAPS)        Native.Function.Call(Hash._ENABLE_MP_DLC_MAPS, New Native.InputArgument() {1})    End Sub

This will load the Interiors from MP to SP like Apartments/Garages

    Public Shared Sub SetInteriorActive(X As Single, Y As Single, Z As Single)        Dim interiorID As Integer = Native.Function.Call(Of Integer)(Hash.GET_INTERIOR_AT_COORDS, X, Y, Z)        Native.Function.Call(Hash._0x2CA429C029CCF247, New InputArgument() {interiorID})        Native.Function.Call(Hash.SET_INTERIOR_ACTIVE, interiorID, True)        Native.Function.Call(Hash.DISABLE_INTERIOR, interiorID, False)    End Sub

Sorry Functions are in VB, convert yourself.

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