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I need money


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no and reported


not allowed on here...


go play heist

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There are allot of hackers on the ps3 now, I have noticed that since like a week ago i see more and more hackers. Most are really young player. And probably have to do with the summer break, That could be the reason i see them much. To be honest hackers almost all dont like to give money, Since all day long people asking them to do a money drop.


And like mentioned above: Go play heist you can easy grind a couple million a day with this event. Or go ingame and find a hacker who will do a drop for you. But this forum is not the right place to ask about this kind of things......

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I have only 100k and i want to buy cars, is there a hacker that can help me?


Nope, so you're out of luck. Either do Heists or go for Cash Cards.

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