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[V|REL] Cautious Drivers


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Cautious Drivers


Most drivers will drive with their doors locked, just like in many areas in real life.


Default percentage of drivers having their cars locked is set to 80%. You can change this value in the .ini file.

Taxi cabs are not affected.

Parked cars
Parked cars can also be used. Note that this will also lock your own cars. Use my other mod, Vehicle Remote Central Locking, together with this one, to unlock manually. Activate parked cars in the .ini file by setting parked_cars equal to something above 0 and lower than or equal to 100.

After you have changed something in the .ini file, move far away from your current position. The mod saves all cars temporarily and wont affect them once they are handled once.

Affect all options in the .ini file.
All cars can be set to be affected and able to be be unlocked. If set to 0, the mod will only lock, not unlock.

The idea comes from the mod with the same name for GTA IV. http://www.gta4-mods.com/script/cautious-drivers-v13-f9052
made by BR_Goianiense.

Requested by
Requested by /users/beizegum

Add more altered ped behavior options.

Know bugs
Animations for trucks, tractors, buses are glitched. This might be because there are no animations made for these vehicles when someone is being jacked in them if the doors are locked. And so the wrong animations are played. There is a option in the ini file that removes these vehicles from getting locked thus also the glitched animations.

Most peds will break into their own vehicles after taken a walk outside of it and trying to get inside again. I have yet to find a way to unlock peds vehicles when they get outside.

Report say that sometimes the window next to driver disappears but it still plays animation of crashing window. This is because the same animation is always played when getting into a locked car, even if the window is already smashed.

Please report if you find any bugs and I will try to fix it as fast as I can.

You need the lastest version of the tool Script Hook V by Alexander Blade in order for this mod to work.

Put CautiousDrivers 1.x.asi and CautiousDrivers.ini into your GTA5 folder where your GTA5.exe is located. Remove it again to remove the mods feature. Note that the mod is disabled when going online into multiplayer.


-- Leaving a jacked car, the locks will be unlocked upon reenter.

-- Police, firefighter and ambulance option for not getting locked, set to on as default. This is because these peds move in and out of their vehicles all the time and thus making it look strange if they have to break inside every time.

Same for trucks, tractors and buses but this option is set to off as default. Also the reason for this option is if you don't want to see the glitched animations for these vehicles when jacking.

-- Altered ped behavior option set to slightly on as default. Drivers sometimes drive away at an earlier stage when getting jacked. The chance for this to happen can be changed in the .ini file. The driver may also (low chance) instead of driving away directly, go outside of the car to see what's going on.




Edited by R3QQ
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Awesome mod but why not combine it with vehicle remote CL mod ?

Thanks :)


Haven't thought about it but I guess that would be possible.
VRCL is event driven, things happens when the user press a button. CD got a loop checking for things to happen.
Smaller scripts are easier to handle I think. If I add something to a script I have to test everything again,
all features to make sure nothing is broken. It's a while since I did something in VRCL and so it's easier to start fresh
than having to remember the structures of the old mod.
The bigger the mod is, the harder it is to handle and bugs more easily gets inside the code.
Since both mods are about locking I guess it would make sense to combine them. You can always run them together though.
Edited by R3QQ
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