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[PS3] Heist Crew


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I'm looking for some competent players to run heists with. All these manchildren f*cking up the most simple tasks, been getting to me. I made this account simply to find crewmembers. Just to list out the details about me-

IGN: ExplosiveTurkey1

Rank: 93 (Alt account, main was 123 before I switched, never connect one's potential to their rank ;))

Usual Playing Hours: 9:30 AM - 12:30 AM (GMT)

Hardware: Since you can't call in Pegasus, my Hydra's useless. Got a Turismo, Armored Kuruma, and a Brawler just in case we're going offroad.


What do you get by doing heists with me? Well-


1) I just want to grab the first time completion bonus and the loyalty bonus, so all cuts will be set to 25%, Hard Mode of course.

2) I have a brain and don't rambo, know to use snacks, blah blah, and research the heist beforehand to ensure I don't screw up.

3) Won't set outfits to leader choice only and make you all wear f*cking tuxedos instead of lifesaving heavy vets and BP helms.

4) Preplan using a PSN chatroom, and I'll follow through instead of jumping into my Turismo and dying at the destination because everything's a race.


Cons? Well...


1) No mic, as stated above :/

2) Issues with net sometimes knocks me out, for a lovely waste of time.

3) Worthless ping, but that usually doesn't cause much trouble aside from infinite cop glitch, specially during PB. Gonna haveta go demo to avoid that.

4) Not really THAT good a player, so I might screw up occasionally. So far, I've rarely been the reason a heist screwed up though.


And that's all. Send me a friend request if you're interested. Cheers!

Edited by ExplosiveTurkey1
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Will do. I just might get my mic working again too. Gonna test it out. Think the cable's bad though.

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