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Could we get on top of the Mt. Chilliad cable cars?


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I tried a lot of ways to get on top of them but it just seems impossible. I tried to parachute, but fall down as soon as landed on it. Then I climbed on it as soon as it started moving but it immediately stopped midway, and when I climbed down, it went away. No way I could get on top.


Any of you guys did that? If yes, how?


And yeah I know we could get in by pressing E, so don't post useless things.

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Why would you want to?


Once you get in top they stop and don't move at all.

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If you're super fortunate, you can land on one, blow it off the wire and ride it. Although invincibility is needed to survive the explosion, and if it tips even a little you'll fall off. A rocket in the middle on top can stop it tipping. I used super jump to get one top, you can parachute on to it but that needs super precise timing. I've never tried landing on a moving one.


You can also get on one at the top of chiliad after blowing it off the wires, then use explosions to nudge it down the mountains. Sticky bombs mean you can get inside first and ride it down inside. If one wanted to anyway.

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