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Antique Robbery - CLEO Missions + interior

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This modification adds a new interior to one of the garages in Market, LS.
The garage is marked by a yellow coin icon and can be purchased.

It's provided with:

- guns on the wall, which can be picked up
- monitoring
- vending machine
- save disk

After buying the garage, we are able to start missions.

It contains 8 missions:

- Precious Coins
- Acquisition of Information
- Convoy Takedown
- Second Convoy
- Statuette
- Don't Trust Strangers
- Junkyard
- Cleaning Up


The missions are made in a normal CLEO script, because .cm was crashing for me.
That means the script is not able to check if player was busted or died.
So after every passed mission just save the game in the garage to avoid possible bugs, etc.

It's also recommended to use standard cars models.


Also, play this mod on a 100% save to avoid some bugs. For example this one


Garage screens: http://imgur.com/a/NvvIe
Buying property video:

First mission video:


DOWNLOAD v1.1 - New version (31.08.2016)!




TheMariusz700 - scripting missions, creating interior
Special thanks to:
Camil1999 - help with translating mission's text
Quebahombre - promo inventor

Drop a comment and enjoy the mod! Edited by TheMariusz700_PL

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ashley slow

very nice work, TheMariusz700 :lol:

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I played thru the missions, really well made man, i have to say i was surprised of how good this is but there is a problem with the junkyard, after you kill all the guys and you have to chase the one that is on a car as soon as you hop in one yourself, you can't drive, check that out

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Just as thalilmythos said, it's surprisingly well done. Better than i expected, obviously. :^:

I also can't drive the Rancher at Junkyard mission and the FBI Van at last mission, stuck for some reason. However, i can drive again after i paused the game.

I wonder why .cm file crashes your mission...
Once i got crash at my mission because my .cm file exceeds the mission size limit. :/

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thalilmythos & MKKJ,


Thank you for commenting the mission and playing, it means a lot to me. :)


About the bug with being unable to driving Rancher for example, I had this too. I thought it's something wrong with my GTA, but as now I see, it's not only my problem... I don't know why it's occurring, maybe it's a bug after using opcode that player apply brakes to car in the script - but if you just pause and resume the game, it's solved.




About the .cm crashes, I was thinking about something like mission size limit and now I think that yes, it was the problem... And that's why I've created the Antique Robbery in a simple CLEO script - I wanted to have it working for everyone.


PS. I have at least 10-15 unpublished various missions, because it was created in .cm and it crashed for my friends who were testing it. :)


Thank you all, greetings!

Edited by TheMariusz700_PL

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I see your an advanced scripter...I'm building my own mission but want it to activate with a day eg cesar calling every Wednesday to rob the drug bike cartel

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