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How to make big money in SP


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I've searched up and down this forum and cant find anything that goes into detail on how to use the stock and other ways to build your money big through the story.


Please can someone link me to the proper thread? thanks

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just search on youtube so you can actually see how to do it, download the vid if necesary. I ended up with 700 million per character.

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Is there a save editor for Pac-Man? Then I'd have 3,333,360 points in Pac-Man which proves I'm as good as the goodest Pac-Man player ever! Oops, wrong forum.


Here's a guide from IGN: How to make money in GTA V

Edited by Nem Wan
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When will save editor be available for PS4?

Current gen consoles are pretty locked down when it comes to save games and are coded differently, could be a long time or just never.

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The random event 'bike thief 2' gets you $100,000, although sometimes it's bike thief one. One of the hitchhiker random events increases the stocks of a company, I can't remember which. The guy tells you which one to invest in, best when you have a lot of money. There's the money briefcases around the map in the ocean, getting a dingy or submarine can help as some are quite deep. The epsilon missions can get Michael 2 million. Later there's a random event at the top of Paleto, a woman being buried, she gets you $60000. If you have all the time in the world, tennis gets you $25, not sure about darts or golf. Trevor can make money with the drug smuggling, or weapon smuggling. It's drugs or weapons I forget. A few thousand each one I think.


Franklin gets some for the assassination missions, although it's best to leave them until the story is complete. If you're a returning player on current gen you get 500,000 for Franklin, on PC you can just cheat. If you see people stealing purses and wallets, don't give them back and keep all the money, it doesn't seem to effect anything if you do. Store robbery random events are 25000 each I think so take them. Races too, although you have to spend money to enter. There may be more I'm not sure.

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Armoured trucks...y'know, if they'd f*ckin spawn.

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Best way to have money in the game instead of the end, is to do the Lester assassinations when available, keeping to the guide. You end up with a few mil each, can buy properties then so the activities happen mid story instead of completion when you hardly play until you restart. Get clothes, cars etc. What I do now anyway. Also saving that fella with the bike (as mentioned) gives you 100k, and saving the mobsters daughter at the top of the map gives you 60k.


Also I like to play to the story, so I intentionally invest, purchase and waste all the money before Micheal goes in exile, otherwise that paleto bay jobs seems pointless, as he has it in his bank lol.. Then again I'm a weirdo..

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On my third and recent play through I don't needed Lester's missions and got my billions long before the big score, I also needn't the 500,000 in-game bonus which expires on November 18 ...

You need a bit cash to invest, that's for sure, you should search for the company with the lowest price (you can sort it) and observe it for a several time period. So that you nearly(!) know how the price varies.

The point is, the lower the price the greater the percentage difference and THAT'S the money. In free roam the prices of all companies vary a bit from time to time, but while the percentage difference on high values are peanuts the difference in percent on low prices are comparable huge.

For example:

- Random company current price 150, varies to 145 and 155 (this is much in free roam), percentage difference around 3 ~ 6 percent (this is nothing).

- Other random company current price 10, varies to 8 and 12 (pretty much in free roam), percentage difference around 20 ~ 50 percent (this is great).

- Best case company current price 4, varies to 2 and 6, percentage difference around 50 ~ 200 percent (big risk of loss much money).

But remember, the lower the price the higher the chance that it will rise. It can't go under zero. ;)

Consider, it takes time and you have to watch the exchanges and there is a risk that you loss lots of money (save on several slots), but so you can gain big money long before the big score without Lester's help. The highest return I got in free roam was a win of 171 % so I got 271 % on my investment. The stock market is randomized at any new game, I had the luck that several companies were significantly under 10 points, so the percentage differences was accordingly high.

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Gnocchi Flip Flops

I got mine from the stock missions. Play for the experience because the money feels worthless after you're all done. I wish I could buy more garages and a a beach house and then more cars but I can't.

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I got almost 2.1 billion for each character. I thought R* nerfed the stock market because I used the same guide months ago and only got 300 million each. Did my most recent playthrough and got billions. I must have missed a step before.

Thanks for this. Just what i was looking for!

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With the multi target assassination I only got a return of 63% for Deb but Red peaked at about 302%. Don't forget about the hitch lift event with guy where you drive him to the airport. Invest all cash in Tinkle with all 3 characters (make sure it's monday) before the event.Once finished switch to Michael sleep one time then sell for a return of 33%.This one is always 33 no need to try get higher.

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Invest in Whiz on the BAWSAQ when it goes under $1. Good way to make a LOT of money without using the optional Assassinations before the UD

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Stock market works well, I didn't do all the steps but still had about 170million with each protag, which is more than enuf, especially if you buy the mod shop as F.

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  • 3 weeks later...

I`m now playing the assassination mission from Lester to get big bucks through the stock market, but I`m not getting the returns others get in videos. For example, I only get a max return of around 45% from Debonaire in stead of the 80% that was advertised in certain videos. Why don`t I get those numbers?

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