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Custom race car duping(Se7ensins post edited for ps4)


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First and foremost,many thanks to S10Px and TutoFacileFrance for finding this glitch,this post wouldn't be possible without em.Anything in parentheses is my personal input.Copied from a french person so sorry if there's something I didn't correct that doesn't make sense.



  • Go to rsg.ms/c849a52 and add this race called "test..." to your game (log to Social Club). You may have to restart the game to see this activity as your favorite(When you get the error message and it shows other jobs,click the upper corner of the little job search box and you'll see options to change it across pc,xbox one,etc. Click on which ever you need. Then open the link i posted in a NEW WINDOW and it should work fine.)


  • Fill the garage with as many rebels as dupes you desire,so 1 rebel,1 dupe.


  • Press Start > Online > Activity > Play activity > Favorite > Race > Play the race


  • Start the race with car you want to dupe.


  • Hold triangle here to get sent to a modded area. To your right is a ramp.Drive up and it will take you into your garage.Once in the garage be careful to not press l2 or r2 anymore in the desired dupe car.


  • Get in rebel,don't leave with it!


  • Hold triangle till screen starts to turn black and quickly hit R2


  • When you appear outside quickly hold triangle to respawn in the modded area,and then walk up the ramp.I only say walk to be safe.If the spot you drove the rebel out of is invisible,you did it right.


  • Repeat till garage full or satisfied.




If it wasn't made clearly enough in the steps,this is not only for duping but also for getting cars for free seeing as the car you're racing in will get duped.Apparently you can get the roosevelt and insured bmx as well.


For visual learners...




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The link you posted does not seem to work.


Also I can't seem to find the race on PS4 when I search manually

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does it matter what garage? I just want a roosevelt

I don't know for sure on that one.I think it's programmed to go to a 10 car garage(doesn't matter which)



The link you posted does not seem to work.


Also I can't seem to find the race on PS4 when I search manually


Its not gonna work.When you click it you should get an error message like "couldn't find" on the social club site.Click the upper corner of that little job search box to switch to searching on ps4. Then open an entire new window and copy and paste the link in that new window.


Also to any future viewers,I would get your free vehicles before duping cars you're gonna sell(windsor and panto are best to dupe and sell) Rockstar has been quick with hot fixing this chain of glitches this past week.


Another thing I forgot to explain for those of us who own multiple properties. Theres no telling what garage it'll go to until you start it up for the first time. Once you figure out which garage it's going to,you wanna fill that garage with at least one rebel or any car you don't mind sacrificing.

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After re reading the original post,I realized it works the same across all systems,the OP only separated the steps for button input.Gonna repost this letting people know it's not ps4 exclusive so if a mod could take this down,that would be great.


http://gtaforums.com/topic/812612-custom-race-dupe-glitchse7ensins-repost-for-all-consoles/ New thread

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