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Playstation Car Meets


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Car Meet Bulletins - Advertise Your Meet on PS4 or PS3

Use this topic to advertise your car meets and spontanous events. More detailed and organised meets/events should have their own dedicated topic.

Use the below template so players know when to arrive or who to contact to take part!



Car Type(s):

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Nice idea,Kirsty,should really thin the fodder on the 10 something meets here every day :^:

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Tell your friends and make sure they add me. No supers, Pegasus. Lobby is open. Add me on ps4 at bnelson2017

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hosting meet on PS3. if you want to join then add Socom--Chrisjr. you can bring and Sedan, Coupe, or SUV. Must Have mic Set to Everyone!!!!!!! You Will Be Killed If Not In Passive Mode When Entering.

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Reward the posters that use the pinned topics often, perhaps a 'badge of approval'

Punish those that ignore the pinned topics, severely. :p

Good stuff, I didn't see this when replying in the Damned topic. :turn:

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looking for players for car meet need 8+ people if interested post psn below will be gathering at sweet locations cruising around los santos taking photos drag racing and showing off your favourite rides

no killing

no blowing up cars

no bumping cars

must have mic

just be a normal person!

hosting now add jolly_smokerr and put car meet in msg box!

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Hey I'm having a car show need more.people to start were gunna cruise and race make sure u have a mic and add me level_up3000 put car shoe in message box and don't oil or mess up anyone's car just have fun

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Add me and message me that's your down to be in it or reply here

Were doing any car off of the san Andreas website

I want alot of people to join ☹

Please add me and message me or reply here

Starts at 12:30 mountain time

So in 9 minutes

Feel free to invite some of your friend we need alot of people

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Psn. Lonewolf4890 We can meet up, look at each others garages, cruise. Add me. Invite only session.

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I wanna have a good time with a car meet I wanna alot of people joining :)

I was thinking of doing imports

Drag racing

Psn: Trap_kinngggg

Message me or reply here

Please join

It's gonna happen in 2hours

So I can get a full lobby 🚗

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Hey I'll come I'm only level 11 but I have a big truck and also I was wondering if u wanna do a few missions after if so just reply here and another question do u have skype

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Hello there I just made a new crew on ps4 that will host occasional sport car meets Feel free to join just send me a message on ps4 name is LEGEND_BURGER

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Whats up everyone?! Im looking for GTA gamers with great cars to start a car meet. This meet will be recorded and posted on YouTube. All you need is a mic, a PS4, and a car. Only rule is to not play around and just have fun. If you are interested, add me on psn at Physco4life1

This meet will take place Either tonight or tommorow, depending on how many players sumbit into this meet. Add me at Physco4life1

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I will be hosting a car meet on the 3rd of August 2015

add KILLER_BOYS_2013 by &pm to recieve an invite

  • You will be invited to the session at approximately 7pm London time for the meet to start at 7;15.
  • All cars and bikes are welcome
  • Passive mode MUST be activated
  • If you crash honk your horn as a way of apologizing.
  • Everybody is to be at the los santos customs in the centre of the map by quarter past
  • I have a screen recorder so this meet will be on youtube.
  • No killing people or cops.
  • If you do accidently get the cops after you, lose them and meet back up with the rest of us.
  • Follow me! I will be in a lime green or white car but most likely a lime green coquette classic topless!
  • There will be cruises, drag races and drifting!
  • Have fun!
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Trying to get a meet going here....everyone and anyone is invited to join, AS LONG as the rules are followed.





any car is welcome, lets try to keep this realistic and fun!! No bs or you will be kicked. Add me on " ynreb184 " thats for ps3.

Edited by ynreb184
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No Killing

follow the leader

Sports and super cars only


Add me psn: whistlebomb

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