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Which setups/heists do you not waste ammo?


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I've recently noticed that when I play the pac standard heist finale, I don't waste any ammo. For example, when we need to escape the bank, I can spam all the rpgs I want and I will get them all back for free when I get back into freeroam. This makes it much easier for me to help clear out the cops personally because I hate wasting expensive rpg ammo. Knowing that my ammo will not be affected when I go back to freeroam makes this heist really easy for me.


Does anyone know if there are there are any other setups or heist finales like the pac standard finale where any ammo you use is given back once you go back to freeroam?

Edited by Delta8042
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I never knew that, hmm...I guess I never worried about buying 15k worth of ammo, when I just got 250k lol

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I never knew that, hmm...I guess I never worried about buying 15k worth of ammo, when I just got 250k lol

Haha, well I'm a huge cheapskate, in real life and in the game. Edited by Delta8042
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makes sense why i would only pay 350 after pac final for ammo and i used all 20 rockets lol.

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Does anyone know if this applies to any other setups or heists though?

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Scope Out. Its just driving and a simple hack test.

Edited by REXX93
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Humane Lab EMP

Can't think of anything else

All finales don't waste your ammo

Series A does

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If you don't use explosives, none of the missions, heists, or even survivals cost you a lot in ammo. Seriously, I'm able to consistently finish survivals at under $2K in ammo, under $1500 if I'm trying to conserve ammo, and I still finish with the most kills like 95% of the time. If we are talking missions, I might use $300 if there are a lot of NPC's to kill. I never use explosives, and I don't need them, because my Combat MG, Special Carbine, Assault Shotgun and Heavy Sniper will do a better job in any situation.


The biggest mistake I see people make is using those stupid homing launchers to take out helicopters. It is a lot faster and easier to take out the gunners with a Combat MG, or just take out the pilot. By the time you switch to your HL and get a lock, I've already taken out both the gunners. And if you're still going to fire a $750 rocket (as most people will) at an empty chopper...well, it's just stupid, unless you don't mind wasting thousands of dollars taking out NPC's that are literally no threat and can be easily taken out with a few shots from your Combat MG. It isn't even that hard to take out the pilots, if you want them outta the sky so badly. Yeah you have to use free-aim, but their movement is slow and predictable.


Using RPG's on vehicles is an even bigger waste. I can't tell you how many times I've emptied out an entire vehicle with my Combat MG, just in time for someone to shoot an RPG at it and get nothing. All you need to do is shoot the driver, then empty out the rest of the car as it is coasting to a stop. The NPC's won't even have a chance to get out. Even if they do get out they are a low threat, because you can take them out from so far away. If the vehicle got very close, just use the same strategy but with an Assault Shotgun, that's even easier.


Another big problem with switching to explosives is that it leaves you vulnerable to nearby ground enemies, which are a far bigger threat than a distant chopper or vehicle. As soon as the chopper gets close, empty out the gunners, and keep spraying anything else that gets close on the ground, and you've got nothing to worry about. Focus too long on a distant chopper trying to get a lock with your HL, and it's lights out as soon as an NPC spawns nearby with an MG or assault shotgun.

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I'm basically a cheapskate like OP and therefore only use explosives when completely necessary


even outside of heists, for example when Lester sets a target, I steal the man's car and beat him to death instead of shooting him :p

Edited by Billiam301
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