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Xbox Car Meets

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  • FlyCity


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  • Dathen15


Top Posters In This Topic

Popular Posts

Car Meet Bulletins - Advertise Your Meet on Xbox One or Xbox 360 Use this topic to advertise your car meets and spontanous events. More detailed and organised meets/events should have their own dedic

If You Guys Want Me To Host a Meet Later On Today Like This Post !!

Starting A Meet In 10 Mins !! Like If You Want To Join !

Recommended Posts

Sport and muscle car show

I need alot of people so tell your friends

Message me on Xbox gt: TrIpleOG96

Or reply

Please join I want alot of people :)

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-muscle/sports/trucks/low riders

-stance your vehicle


- we will meet up at my location I choose then, we will cruise around to another location and judge who has the best car which will win 5,000 dollars, then we will cruise and go drag race somewhere..... Leave username below

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Car meet starting at Los santos customs and then cruising to the Los santos docks then to the airport for the drags and you may change your car at anytime u want and no shooting/killing people or blowing up others car as it will result in being kicked u may only shoot to leave the lights on and to stance other Than that shooting is unaccepted.


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Will be hosting a sports and muscle car meet.

-Sports and muscle only

-you can stance your cars if you want

-Meet up at the LS customs in the city

-Cruise to the beach take some shots of the cars.

-Cruise around the whole map.

-Drags when done cruising

Message xXModKillXx for invite

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I will be hosting a stanced imports of LS meet. (SILS)

Meet location:

-Industry passage or Del perro pier


-Only stanced imports. (No muscle or super)


-Security (Make sure no one starts killing or crashing into other cars)


-Are allowed so you can lower your cars but before you come through the gates of the meet you must go to passive mode


-You will be kicked if you blow someones car up unless it was an accident.

-If you have the police after you kill yourself if cops shoot other peoples cars because of you then you will be kicked.

-if you fly planes or jets you will be kicked.

How to join SILS:

Add or message xXModKillXx

Say: invite to SILS

This will be a car show for stanced imports/sports

Make your car look as good as possible.

-If you wanna be security message me saying SILS Security Need 3 people to be security.

Must have mic if you dont that will be fine just dont do nothing dumb

If you do have a mic dont be squealing or you will be kicked

Meet will start now so message me

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Car meet starting at Los santos customs and then cruising,drift sesh,drags and you may change your car at anytime u want and no shooting/killing people or blowing up others car as it will result in being kicked u may only shoot to leave the lights on and to stance other Than that shooting is unaccepted.


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Date: any

Time: any

Timezone: GMT (UK)

Car Type(s): any

Platform: Xbox one

Gamertag: Kroniic Skillz

Add me too

Edited by liamxhall
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Motorcycle meet. Any kind of motorcycle.

If you don't have one by one they are cheap. No killing, no passive, no weapons!

Message me for invite.


Gamertag : Ruthless Domo

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1.Just add iFrazbo on xbox one teh ill inv you
2.Bring any car to los santos customs in sandy shores (so we can go to airstrip for drag races)
3. Go in passive mode so no one griefs your car

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Mitsubishi Man1


:p :pp WE AIM TO BE NO.1 IN CAR MEETS :pp :p


The meets are hosted by TitaniumSphinx helped along by Mitsubishi Man1 and Br0han S0l0.

A car meet is not just somewhere where you can go and just show off your car its a place of joy, laughter and entertainment and hopefully its somewhere where you can meet new friends and share your opinions and ideas.

!!!Not sure if your interested in joining or not come have a look at the photos we take in the car meets!!!


About Us

Here at East LS Car Meets we do have alot of fun, we start off with the simple meet up in a street or in a car parkand we wait for around 20 mins so everyone can show up and bring their best rides then after everyone shows up we all have a nice long conversation about why we love our cars and other peoples cars then TitaniumSphinx me and brohan solo line up and everyone follows we drive to our destination where it may be far or short then we bash it out on the track or on dirt but at the end of the day everyone leaves with all the good memories of that day.

If you are interested in joining then join our crew and when you see that i have posted a meet soon message Mitsubishi Man1 or TitaniumSphinx or Br0han S0l0 and you will receive an invite. see you soon :)


Its always themed i.e muscle only, drag race cars or street cars, its always different.

The meets often start at random times sometimes lunch time or end of the day it differs.

Meets usually last around 2-3 hours rarely 4 hours, everyone always has fun. :happy:

usually at the moment we get around 10-15 people in this cruise and we aim to get more... much more

Everyone loves customized cars :inlove:

Car meet times will be posted on the crew feed


Drag Racing (at los santos international airport) ( :lol:Most Popular :lol: )

Long Motorway Cruises

Long road Cruises

Banger Racing

Off Roading (Not just off road cars)


  • Must have the car permissions on Everybody just in case it needs re positioning :cool:
  • Must be in game, you will be asked if your in game chat :music:
  • If you have no mic then make sure the game chat is on everybody or crew make sure its NOT on No-One
  • Must stick to the theme ;)
  • No killing :sui:
  • if you have cops for any reason please call lester to get them off we HATE cops :miranda:
  • if any guns out warnings will be given then if still not put away then you will be shot on sight
  • do not shoot anyone unless given permission to
  • no blowing peoples cars up
  • no fights

http://socialclub.ro...st_ls_car_meets <---------------- CREW LINK!

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That's the list so far

Hey I'm not going to be able make it so take me off the list
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[XBOX 360] KingVee76

- No mic but I can hear you.


Looking for meetups, cruises and hangouts. May show up on a motorcycle if I feel like it, but also cars. I have no supers (fastest is a Coquette), they're boring.


Feel free to invite me.

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Sup yall, gunna be cruising to some spots for drifting, couple different strips for drags, and if its not to glitchy well pick a spot for a fight club. lookin to chill with a cool group of car enthusiasts, not kids who are talking about the adder they just bought.


No supers

No pegasis

stancers lower your car before you roll up. its tacky to do it at the meet

have a good time and keep your guns holstered for f*ck sake






Message guccitootimez on 360 for reserved spot

Edited by Guccitootimez
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