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Xbox Car Meets


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Hey guys I'm gonna be hosting a massive car meet on 14-08-2015 5:30 NZ Time. Drifting,Draging,meeting,skidding and more.try to get more people then the last meet we had. Will be having a competition on who can drift the best on three corners down hill. Message me for invite on Xbox one GT gazygoon235

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Jw0lfCustoms CC Twitch Mini Live Stream


To join you can MSG & Add Jw0lf0531 For Invite

To Watch The Stream as Well go Ahead and Click The Link:


Starts 10:30 A.M EST

Ends 12:00 P.M EST


Edited by Jwolf0531
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Must Have A Mic



Send SwagginDragon14 a message saying "coke meet" to reserve your lobby spot.

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Xbox 360 Car Meet NOW

PM : Reconectou

(NO Super's.)


No Shooting - There is no reason to be carrying weapons unless your leaving Lights/Engine running, after doing this your weapons MUST be put away!

(The only people that are aloud to carry Weapons are Moderators that act as Security) Anyone seen trying to ruin the Meets showing threatening behavior towards players and Cars will be killed, Instantly Kicked from the session, and permanently Banned from our future Car Meets!

No Killing - Instantly Kicked & Banned from future Meets!

No bumping Cars - Accidents happen, but you must drive responsibly at all times! Anyone purposely hitting Cars will be Kicked & Permanently Banned.

No verbal abusive behavior - We will not tolerate any Verbal Abusive Behavior towards anyone!

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NO KILLING!!!!! NO SUPERCARS. Message sunyeta on Xbox 360 for invite will be going on for a while so just ask.we will be going to game chat so please bring a Mic. doing a cruise dragrace.

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Meet at car park rooftop opposite construction site


Cruise the highway

Drag at airstrip

Cruise r

Route 68 to docks

More drags, drift, showoff

Cruise to airport circuit race



11:30 Gmt

Gt: bms842

Msg fir invite hope to see you all I have 2 guys waiting

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Message xx THE ONLY xx if you would like to participate in a car meet/cruise

Rules: no killing, keep safe distance, have fun, high end super cars are frowned upon cars like the: Adder, Entity, Cheetah, Zentorno, Osiris, T20

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Message DJnick457 or j3digital


Rules: no blowing up cars no supers or motorcycle and no Pegasus vehicles mic needed


The car meet will start with a car show of who has the best car then a cruise to our drag spot this car meet will start at 8:00 pm eastern time send message for invite

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Bike meet and we Are going to be making a bike crew and come if u want to come and come if u want to join the crew or not.

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Meet starts at 11:45pm EST.



-Must have a mic.

-No killing.

-No cops.

-No supers.

-No running into each other.

-Stance your vehicle away from meet spot.


~Car Classes~

1. Sport - 10mins.

2. Muscle - 10mins.

3. Sports Classic-10mins.

4. Offroad - 10mins.

5. Motorcycles - 10mins.

6. Vans - 10mins.

Message BEA5TLYX5HOTZ for a invite.

Edited by DudePerfect45
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