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Your own Love-meet.net profile

Recommended Posts


Here you can make your own Love-meet.net profile. You can make a normal one, a funny, a pervert or even your Real profile.


You just have fill up these things:
















About me:





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slimeball supreme




Age: 57


Sex: Male


Location: Wherever you want ;), usualy alderny


Job: pro whit van driber, pro ladees man (cant get any others, job men don't like registerd sex offenders)


Sexuality: Straight as a Stick


Build: Big Personality


About Me: I'll be straight with you, I don't do romance. I'm hear for two things: you and my lust

I will love you I promise, just don't tell anywon if we doo rude things toghetehr, te polees are on to me for doin bad thigns I DIDNT DO

Jus a worming can't go to a few spots beaus r cort/restraneng orders


Likes: when you don't scream, burgers hot


Dislikes: peopel who won't get in my f*cking van, trust me there's a lot

Edited by Mr. Fahrenheit

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Nickname: LesterTheMolester

Age: 20

Sex: Male

Location: Always a couple blocks from you

Job: Lester needs a drink!

Sexuality: Straight as a flaccid...nevermind, that was awkward

About me: Just to clarify something, I won't molest you...not yet. My dates are like my scores, watching them from far away while I don't engage in any physical interaction with them

Likes: When things go to plan

Dislikes: When I'm not paying attention then sticking the wrong thing into the wrong place then finishing too early

Edited by Lester-The-Molester

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Nickname: LittleElvis69

Age: 25

Sex: Ys plz lol

Location: Paleto Bay

Job: Blow or hand

Sexuality: I take what I can get

About: I'm all about the brown

Likes: Beaches, night time, budgie smugglers

Dislikes: The sea, stars, budgies.

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The Deadite




Nickname: SupahHawtAlgonquinGirl69


Gender: Totally a girl, not a dude at all.


Age: the right one bae.


Location: Alderney, waiting for you.


Job: Model, part time porn star.


Sexuality: I like penises, doesn't matter how.


Build:Perfect body, tits, ass all that crap.


About me: I'm totally a girl.


Likes: Penises, attractive people, running and taxidermy.


Dislikes: Vaginas, cops, my medications, mirrors, psychiatrists, sunlight and my mom... specially when she tells me to do stuff even though she's been dead 5 years.

Edited by The Deadite

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Niko Bellic is on a Spanish dating site atm.



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Nickname: EpicHotness69

Gender: Male

Age: Old Enough

Location: Alderney City

Job: Rent Boy

Sexuality: Gay

Build: Hot

About me: Very Very Playful, will do a girl for $100,000

Likes: Guys, Niko Bellic, Bernie Crane

Dislikes: Girls

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Nickname: Imnotanalien1012356


Gender: 100% Human.


Age: It depends as my species is, I'm 25.


Location: A planet called Ur...Earth, well somewhere near you.


Job: Totally legitimate human jobs, like erm... fishing, building, driving, walking, these kind of legitimate human stuff.


Sexuality: Well erm... boys and girls... that's how you call them no wait men and women yes, men and women.


Build: I'm a human, a very good looking one, not suspicious at all, I like space stuff like flying saucers and, well I'm a human what else should I need right? right?


About me: I'm a human, like you, I like doing human stuff, that's why I want to meet other humans (alot please), If you want to talk with me with your mind, Internet message me (don't ask me how please!).


Likes: I like humans, doing scientific stuff like you do to animals, creating hybrids (from animals!! please don't ask me how!).


Dislikes: History Channel, Internet videos about alien footages (seriously they don't exist), the FIB and the CI... I mean IAA and also hobos of the human city called Lerbty City, no Liberty City, yes, me no speak very much well the name.

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Nickname: VicTheCop


Gender: Male


Age: 27


Location: Westdyke


Job: LEO at the WDSD


Sexuality: Straight


Build: Fit enough to do boot camp and the WDSD physical test


About me: Sargent at the WDSD. Proud owner of a Contender E109.


Likes: Vapids, patrolling.


Dislikes: Criminals, drugs.

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slimeball supreme


Edited by Mr. Fartenhate

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Name: BCrane


Age: 40


Sex: M


Location: Middle Park West


Job: Aerobics Instructor


Sexuality: Totally gay and loving it


Build: Feminine


About me: I'm European but after a name change I moved to Liberty City to discover myself.


Likes: Jogging in Middle Park, fast cars and tanning myself on boat decks.


Dislikes: Gay haters

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Name: Pinco Dieloarnoa


Age: 67


Sex: Something else


Location: Broker sex shop


Job: none


sexuality: depends


build: super hot tight and big


About me: I love flying cockroaches and plastic 60 inch dildos baby.


Likes: sexy


Dislikes: not sex

Edited by Phoenix_Poop

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Bernie Crane







Aerobics Instructor









My old name was Florian Cravic, I wanted to be a professional wrestler when I was a young and innocent child. But when I came to Liberty, I felt like I needed a complete change so I became Bernie Crane!



Single men that have big strong muscles!




Edited by BlaBlaBla814

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If there were kids in GTA we would be able to see this:


Name: xX_Pu$SYd£[email protected]_Xx


Age: Not informed.


Sex: Yes, a lot.


Location: In yo mama's home.


Job: P*ssy test driver.


Sexuality: Not informed.


Build: Cilyndrical and muscular below the waist.


About me: Not informed.


Likes: P*ssy.


Dislikes: No p*ssy.


Clicking the "Date" button would give an instant wanted level. :p

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Nickname: Lacy


Gender: F


Age: 12


Location: Internet cafes


Job: Schoolgirl


Sexuality: I just like to hang around and try new stuff!


Build: Slim


About me: A friend made me a web site! It has photos of me hanging out with my girlfriends and we're hawt! littlelacysurprisepageant.com


Likes: People who say I'm cute and buy me nice things!


Dislikes: Boring people. I want to have fun!

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Nickname: TheRhetoricalQuestion69
Gender: M
Age: 39 (by 2008)
Location: Berchem, Alderney
Job: Former LCPD detective
Sexuality: Straight
Build: Athletic - I can jump through the air and slow down time, beat that.
About me: I used to be a cop but after many incidents I stopped. I lost many people around me during the last 10 years... so I started drinking and abusing painkillers. I've been f*cked over by so many people that you wouldn't have enough fingers to count it down. My life in a nutshell.
Likes: Mythology (especially Norse), painkillers, vodka, firearms, poetry, drama, rhetorical questions.
Dislikes: Italians, drugs, green fluids, dirty money, satanists.


Edited by Jeansowaty

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Femme Fatale

Nickname: Achlys


Gender: Male


Age: 22


Location: Inside of you, or vice versa


Job: God of cumsluts, packing fudge


Sexuality: It's pretty obvious


Build: Otter/Hairy


About me: I'm a very open minded man who won't judge you if you like things that people consider offensive. Except for the things in my dislikes.


Likes: kinky men, porn, raw f*cking, cum, swallowing, dp, clusterf*cking, orgies, extreme metal, dark comedy, sick sense of humor, George Michael(RIP), alcohol, really violent movies and games


Dislikes: Close minded sissies, people who are too politically correct, foot fetishes, scat, pedophiles, old pervs who chase after young men, gerontophiles, Gay men who shun other Gay men, rainbow huggers who shout Gay pride, people with a poor taste in fashion, Lady Gaga and Gay men who worship that bitch

Edited by Achlys

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Nickname: AmbientLady
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Location: Rotterdam Hill, Broker
Job: Psychologist
Sexuality: Straight
Build: Slim
About me: I used to live in Netherlands but I came to Liberty to live the American dream, I am a girl connected with the nature who always chills and doesn't stress easily. I think there's a way to purify our minds and it works with yoga and meditation, also I am a COM member and I support feminism, women has rights.
Likes: Yoga, meditation, reiki, sauna, spa, handsome but pretty man, ecology, nature, cold weather, tundra, ambient music, open-minded friends, world peace, cats, dogs, veganism, feminism, travel around the world, play videogames, gay romance, watch anime and psychology.
Dislikes: Mean people, fat-hairy man, violence, animal murdering, pollution, extreme metal, wars, hypocrisy, stress, close-minded people, spiders, bees, misogyny, rapists, drug-addicts, BDSM, homophobia, xenophobia, mustard, squash, beer and disgusting stuff.

Edited by EarthGaia

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The proper one I would make though:


Nickname: Jeansowaty
Gender: M
Age: 32 (by 2008)
Location: Tudor, Alderney
Job: Translator (English-Polish-German)
Sexuality: Straight, would you even have any doubts?
Build: Very slim, short, not too muscular.

About me: I'm a Polish guy who suffered a lot back in the day, I had to do a lot to achieve what I got right now. I don't seem to be that open to people, so maybe it's going to be you who will see my true face? I seek someone who would care at least a bit about me and not forget that I exist... I don't have many people around me that seem to give a crap about me and I feel lonely and bad about that. Political-wise, I'm more or less centre-left, with an authoritarian approach to society.


Likes: Experimental/Avant-garde/Electronic/Dance music, cats, dark, depressive and/or sadistic stories, computer games, astronomy, linguistics, Slavic mythology, other cultures.


Dislikes: People who act like they have an IQ under 70. I mean, really. People who abuse others or kill are just a waste of oxygen. Drugs. Brostep (the Skrillex type)/Disco Polo/Mainstream music. Spiders. Hard capitalism. Atheists, if they try to make me believe in what they preach, be tolerant, goddamit.

Edited by Jeansowaty

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Sorry I'm too lazy to copy paste this entire OC.



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Sorry I'm too lazy to copy paste this entire OC.




Ok, you won. But seriously, 102 years old is good for him? WTF!?

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Nickname: 5'8, the big dicked Napoleon complex insecure prick you've always dreamed about.


Gender: Male


Age: 23....looking for younger girls (must be short)


Location: Liberty City, Suffolk


Job: Foot massager....for girls only.


Sexuality: Straight


Build: Hairy & built like a bull


About me: I'm a 5'8 Guy with a fantastic beard I give fantastic foot massages....to short chicks that is give me your pretty feet forever pretty girls.... just to clarify you tall bitches can take your clown man looking feet to someone else. Also FYI I have a 9 inch cock....actually it's 9.2 inches.. but you know I'm a modest guy.


Likes: Short Girls, Female Feet, Teen Girls, Small Tits, Shaved Vagina, Ponytails & Pigtails, Girls Who like Rimming, Foot worship, Russia, Communism, Atheism, Cigars, 80s Pop & New Wave Girls who are open to Anal.


Dislikes: Tall bitches, Girls with big feet, massive fake tits, left-wing SJW, Religious nuts, Chicks with muscles...EW!!!!, Liberals, Frigid bitches, Really hairy vagina's...bitch shave! granny's.

Edited by 5'8

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Posted (edited)

This has to make a come-back. Sorry for the bump, but I hope people will contribute to this stuff again :yee:



Nickname: XxSaaSxX
Gender: Alpha Male
Age: 36
Location: Westminster, Algonquin
Job: Police Warden
Sexuality: Predator
Build: Tall, pierced, tattooed, athletic, ladykiller, maneater, authentically H.O.T.
About me: Look, I'll put it frankly this way. I don't give a f*ck who you are or what's your gender, just let me lead you into my world of dominance. I'll show you some neat places, not only in this city. I work as a cop however sometimes I see a lot of myself in other criminals. Or it might be because they keep dropping the damn soap!
Likes: A night off at the Correctional Facility. Only me, a bottle of vodka, painkillers and my dear friends, Mitch, Jeffrey, Tyrone, Jamal, the list is long. Dancing to 70's hits. Meaty dishes. The local playground in front of my apartment block. Hookers. Strip Clubs. Animal shelters. Zoos. Hydroxyzine. Morphine. Pretty women dancing at the uptown discos, which I also quite like.
Dislikes: The effeminate and flamboyant side of the LGBT community. People are who they are, why the hell do they all keep setting up borders between us? Everyone's the same on the inside! My "friends" from the police force if they don't agree with me. People who believe that you can't love everything and everyone. My f*cking ex-wife who can't just shut up; oh yeah, I hate people who talk too much, just get to the damn point, if you get what I mean. Liberals and conservatives. Primitive values that restrain you.



Nickname: FlowerPowerRegret

Gender: Female
Age: 41
Location: South Slopes, Broker
Job: English Teacher
Sexuality: Hetero
Build: Round

About me: Widow with two daughters and one son. My husband died from a heart attack at work. I pulled myself together and here I am, trying a new life. I stand by my values and unlike most people, I'm honest about myself. I'm not looking for a full-time relationship filled with marriage and commitment, more like a friends-with-benefits relationship.

Likes: Younger, dominant guys, who would value me and treat me right. People who don't mind that I'm a bit larger than the average. Dress-up games. When someone shows me that I'm a really bad person and punishes me gently. Dark clothes, skirts, dresses, looking classy. Standing by the principles. Having a drink and something more with a guy who still might be potentially interested in me.

Dislikes: Ultraliberals, people who keep going inside your bedroom. Old men. Other women! Yuck! Especially those modern liberated ones who support feminism. Do women really have it so bad? We aren't treated like Mexicans, we already have a choice. BDSM, if the guy is a pussy and wants me to whip him. When people get too attached to their partners. Having no strong leadership to look up to and when people don't submit to their superiors.

Edited by Jeansowaty

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Soggy biscuits

  Nickname: ManlyTesticles69


Gender: Male


Age: 40


Location: Bohan


Job: Hooker/Stripper


Sexuality: Alpha Dog.


Build: Fat as a f*cking cow.


About me: I've been stripping and f*cking for years and am very experienced. Ive  f*ck my mom, cousins, and even father at one point in my life and I've enjoyed my experiences of being a Hooker. I love big testicles and f*ck at least 15 times a week. I'm also rich so lady's, come have your way with me (or men if that's what I'm feeling).


Likes: Big, hairy sweaty balls and big man tits. Sometimes real tits if I'm in a good mood.


Dislikes: Stinky vagina.




LOL imagine this being a real profile in the game.

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Nickname: KingSlack


Gender: male


Age: 23




Job: murse at the medical center


Sexuality: bi


Build: athletic


About me: just looking for a smoking partner which is more polite than saying I just wanna f*ck. Trannies welcome


Likes: weed, bbws, redbones, video games, anime,  rum, cognac


Dislikes: skinny girls, thief's, liars

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