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[OMFG] "Timed out loading session" --- Why? Any fix ?


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Hello, guys.


I have a major, annoying problem in GTA Online (PC): Almost everytime I try to join Online, it gives me this message: "Timed out loading session".... and I have to do MANY TRIES till it brings me into Online....


> My system is: i7-4790K, GTX 980, 16 GB RAM, Windows 7 SP1; all drivers up-to-date

> My internet connection: 12 MB / sec download; and I don't have problems with it; it's always stable

> I don't have any problems with connecting to multiplayer in other games :\

> I have the Steam version of GTA 5


Now the questions:


1. Why is this happening ????

2. Do you also get this problem ???
3. Is there any ♥♥♥♥ing way to fix this annoying issue ???
I'm sick of this...
Thank you in advance.
Edited by MythAlex
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their servers suck, it has nothing to do with open ports or not, if u get it try connect private solo to online that always usually works and u can still join online heists etc..

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This is a problem called NAT Fitltering.


This stops pretty much your ip going from to computer to computer. And only yourself. If you get only 1-3 players this is a usually a synmtom.


So how do you fix it?

Login to your router.


Mines but to find yours out go run cmd as admin and type ip config. Look for your connection and default gateway.


When you place the ip into your brower it will ask for a username or password, it's usually.


admin : username

admin or password : password


When you log in take a look around in advanced settings or general settings for NAT Filtering.

I found it in NETGEAR GENIES advanced settings. But look everywhere!


Once you found it switch it to open.

Apply, save and logout

And there you go! No ghostown servers! No more timing out! Its a dream of candy.

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Why should I open the god damn ports? -_- I don't have router (nor more than 1 computer), but a modem. Also, I have NO problems in other games with multiplayer --- no timing out.


As swebarb said above, I think it's Rockstar's f*cking idiotic servers. They got over 1 billion $ from GTA 5 and they're still assholes...

Edited by MythAlex
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