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Features i want in GTA Online !


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These are ALOT of features that i badly want in GTA 5 Online. They would make the game more realistic and WAY better. I Hope these come true :santa:

could you add random police chases, polices arrest random pedestrians, you can sell drugs to pedestrians, Ballas, Grove st. , Vatos, etc. can get arrested and sell drugs , Also you can befriend fellow drug dealers and gangsters of San Andreas, Clothes that resemble actual clothes in real life, Air Jordan's look alike, You can own mansion, you communicate with people at the playboy mansion party, Face bandanas, and head bandanas like 2pac to GTA 5. Thanks for listening to your customers!

Could you add random gang fights around San Andreas,you can tag your crew around town but who ever does it when they leave the lobby the tag disappear, the Taper Fade haircut, The juice haircut,you get to see people calling/taking calling police while a player is committing a crime, also you can get a trap house (a thing like trevors meth house) where you can harvest, make crack/cocaine, and make other drugs. Also you can add Speakers in the back of your car and can make them any size also you can open your truck and show the beat and when you open the truck the music gets louder.




Add face bandanas. You can interact with the gangsters of San Andreas and if they find out you friends with other gangs they try to kill you. Add Other types of dogs and be able to own them.

Give us the excitement that we had in GTA San Andreas to go find out if a easter egg was really in game and add more animals. Add GTA San Andreas like clothes. Put baggy(saggish) skinny jeans in because the skinny jeans are way to tight lol.


Give us the ability to go into a SUPER realistic GTA Online session where we would be stop by cops for going past a redlight, having a gun out, etc.

Edited by LuxBoy
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I would like to see some "Gang DLC" (story, online, creator)


Street gangs:

- more different Ballas/Families/Vagos

- more vehicles, like lowriders (hydraulic)


Biker gangs:

- new motorcycles, and biker gangs

- new biker clothes, hairstyles and beards



- selling drugs

- fighting for territory

- gang clubhouses

- casino, arena (opening)

- San Fierro, Las Venturas

Edited by Weazel__03
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