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can't change weapon or character PS4

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when ever i hold L1 down i get my weponwheel but i chan't use the analogstick to change wepons the same goes for characters. my analogstick is working fine whenever i whant to look around or aim. i also can't take my weapon down when ever i equip it

Edited by gamercurse

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History please...


Is this a new problem?


Are you using a SONY controller or a 3rd party controller?


Does it work fine in other games?


Have you tried starting a new game to see if that resolves the problem?


Have you tried another controller or diconnecting and resyncing that controller.


Anything else you might thing is pertinent to this problem.

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the problem started today

i am useing a sony controller

i does work in other games

i did try a new game + completely restarting my ps4

i only have one controller


and btw i cant change radio ether

Edited by gamercurse

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Had the same problem happening to me a few times now. The right joystick works for the camera angle and everything else but the weapons wheel, character wheel and radio stations wheel don't work.

I had to restart my PS4 for it to work. Restarting the controller or the game doesn't work. Any ideas what causes this?

Edited by Djoulz.Saito

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I have the same problem but restarting the PS4 doesn’t work for me and the analog stick works fine but I can’t change from grenades unless I use them and if I pull up the weapon wheel after I’ve used grenades it goes to that slot and won’t change 

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dialouge man

go into character select and use the touch pad the the right stick should work. good luck :)

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