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Anybody take advantage of the 50 percent off humane labs vehicles?


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Today there was a 50% discount on all humaNE labs vehicles. I got both insurgents. What about you guys?

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Lol, of course. I bought the Hydra. I might buy the Insurgent Pick-Up as well


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Claptrap NL

You like to create threads, right OP?


OT: For me it got the right timing. Wasn't sure if I wanted a Hydra on my main but couldn't let it go with the discount. On my 2nd I didn't had a Hydra or Isurgent so I bought them both.

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Chris Partlow

I bought the Insurgent (SUV version) and the Hydra yesterday. Still holding out for a discounted Savage. I already own a Buzzard; no need for the Valkerie, IMO.

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Lol i bought the hydra and both insurgents on wednesday. I got raped by a big rockstar cock

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Both characters now have Hydras, already bought the Insurgents on my main character the week heists came or I would ahve gotten them too.

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Felon Forever

My secondary character hadn't unlocked the Hydra or Insurgents. I was only able to complete the EMP setup and buy the Hydra for him. Unfortunately I got no invite for a Finale to unlock Insurgents before I had to leave the house for some real life fun with friends.

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One Insurgent Pick-up, one Valkyrie, three Hydra's. If they put the other heist vehicles on sale as well, I MIGHT also buy an additional three Savages. Maybe one Lectro.

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