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Hello guys,


As the title says, well I don't know where to post it so I make it here, If that's wrong then forgive me. Anyways I want to replace some of my favorite skins for an example: mafboss.txd and dff. and when I start MTA 1.5 and go ingame to check it up then no skins changes and everything is how it is. However it works fine in MTA 1.4, but after when MTA 1.5 came out now it doesn't work ? Please anyone who have any tips or any ideas please help me. Hope for a quick respond and thanks in advance.

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mta 1.5 use another img file so even if you replace the original those replaced skins wont work because of the other img file used on mta this was made to avoid people taking advantage of bugs when they replaced the skins.

At the beginning of mta your computer will start downloading some files like added maps or similars but if you play in los santos a free roam mta will download a file of 900 Mb wich is the img used by them.

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