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Climbing and Cover Physics


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If you played GTA IV and its episodes, you'll know exactly what I'm on about. Why the climbing and cover physics weren't brought over from IV is beyond me. Ok, maybe climbing wasn't all that, but it was certainly helpful being able to shimmy across a ledge to reach somewhere. As for the cover physics, they varied in IV rather than V where the character simply runs crouched a little to cover. In IV, a dive to cover animation and slide to cover animation would randomly play when running to cover. Added a little action to the game. They got rid of crouching for some unexplicable reason. So, mainly for those who have played IV, would you like to see these kind of physics brought back? It bugs me so much not knowing why they removed these rather useful actions.

Edited by REXX93
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I prefer the physics in GTA V.



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Smooth Longsack


I prefer the physics in GTA V.



By a long shot too

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Even if they aren't that useful I still miss hanging and moving from wall edges and crouching.

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Keep the current physics, but bring back some from IV.

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The Physics in this game is just bad from driving to the cover system and even shooting, R* had a perfect weapon system for shooting and entering cover to even duel welding guns in Max Payne 3. The driving physics seemed to have had more weight to it and all cars suspension actually worked in a semi realistic way in GTA 4 and you wouldn't see a small car stop a heavy truck and be able to cause the truck to not move. It seems in V seems they just went to a more casual setting for things. I can say this watch dogs had a more intuitive cover system than GTA , i still don't understand how in 5 you're in cover and you can't close a simple open car door.

Edited by Pettyium117
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Sometimes, the climbing physics in GTAV can be a bit painful.


Edited by fw3
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slimeball supreme





There is no reason. It would enhance the gameplay in several ways. I've jumped big gaps in IV to end up hanging on to the building I almost fell off, while in V that same jump would end in death.

It's so f*cking stupid, I don't understand how you could defend it.

Same with crouching, why was it removed? No point in that. And cover dives were really cool.



Sge6QaD.png yURtluV.png

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Yes I would love for the crouching feature to return so my character isn't standing up like an idiot all the time when taking cover isn't an option.



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GrandMaster Smith

You guys are high as hell if you think IV's cover system was better than V's, that sh*t was so clunky I couldn't stand it.


I do wish we could shimmy and crouch though, it'd be even better if holding a button while jumping would extend out your hands to let you grab onto an edge too.

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