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The Dedito Gae

Reasons why Vice City is better than V

Recommended Posts


Here's my List;


- More Memorable Radio Stations.

- A More Cohesive Story, with less fluff.

- A greater selection of Everyday, Average Vehicles.

- Thomas Vercetti as the only Protagonist.

- Funnier Police.

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Let me put my glasses on...





- I think that motorbike handling is the best in the WHOLE series. It's quick, precise, smooth and every bike feels different.

- The music. While other GTA have good songs, i think VC (and maybe SA) is the only one where EVERY radio station is spot on.

- Funny one-liners


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I really enjoy every GTA game on some level, but I have the two Vice City games on Constant rotation for a few reasons: atmosphere, location, buying properties/building an empire, the main and supporting characters, the music, and missions.

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Official General

You shouldn't even need to give reasons for this. VC is better than V in every sense of the word, and graphics have nothing to do with it either.

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Apart from the graphics, details and dated engine, I still find Vice city easily much more interesting, enjoyable and highly captivating from both story and gameplay standpoint in comparison to V. I don't want to go into more details about what makes VC such a great game over V, since its pretty much covered already so far.

It comes down to personal preference, and for the most part, I find VC simply a masterpiece. The story is so brilliant. Every title since then didn't fully live up ( let alone surpass ) to this peak experience for me, SA was the last title for me that was incredibly fun and highly addictive, but not as excellent as VC was, and still is.

HD titles, in general, have been a huge disappointment for me than being satisfying or even interesting in the long run.

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Vice city actually feels like a game

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My opinions why it's better than GTA V,because of..


-The music

-The storyline

-The good,old,nolstagia 80s looking cars

-The characters

-The sense of humor

-The map is based of Miami,Florida.

-Cheat Codes

-Cause it's PS2 classic.

-Based on Scarface movie

-And the badass protoganist himself, Tommy Vercetti...

Edited by Letus

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I love both honestly, but VC has always been my favorite, could be for nostalgia reasons but also a couple of other things.


The music

The storyline was amazing (not saying that V didn't have a good storyline

The had a bunch of celebs doing voicework

I liked the easter eggs more in VC than I did in V

The 80's environment was something I always loved.


That being said if they took the graphics from V and some more of the new features they put in it and mashed it in with the VC, I would probably have a coronary from being so stoked.


Here's hoping GTA VI has VC in it in some sort of way.

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- Vice City is 38 GB smaller than V.

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Big Mark Baker

better radio stations, missions seemed more realistic, the celebrity voices

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John The Grudge

Vice City's '80s Miami setting and it's soundtrack gives me a warm nostalgic feeling because it reminds me of my youth and the pop culture of the time. In every other way GTA V is a vastly superior game.


Missions: Vice City is filled with filler missions where you have little more to do than drive from one place to another. GTA V has much greater variety and depth in it's missions.


Graphics: Goes without saying.


Writing: I enjoyed Vice City's characters and story but it's mostly very generic whereas GTA V's story is much less generic and it's characters have more depth. More attention is given to their lives beyond just the crime.


Gameplay: Due to hardware improvements GTA V has much better physics and scale than VC. Even simply driving a car is more fun due to the increased depth offered by it's physics. The possibilities are greater and as a result it's more fun. It's also a better escape than Vice City also due to it's increased scale and detail.


Lifespan: GTA V remained more interesting for longer than VC did. This is partly because of it's scale but also because what is there has more depth than previous GTAs. GTA V's lifespan is extended even further due to the various mysteries and easter eggs within the game, some of which remain unsolved.


Voice Acting: I'm a fan of Ray Liotta but he does phone in his performance a little in VC. Overall VC has very good voice acting for the day but I think the industry has made leaps since then and GTA V has superior acting. Another factor in that though is GTA V's superior writing. Liotta had to say lots of poor dialogue for things such as the filler missions.

Edited by John The Grudge

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  • The background where the game is displayed, the climate, the '80s seemed more seductive than now 2010s (IMO)
  • The stages of the storyline, from losing kgs of cocaine to having a multi millonaire mansion in an island with bussiness in your sorroundings. Everything was well planned and writen.
  • The Lance Vance Dance OFC


Edited by Still Madd

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iiCriminnaaL 49


  • Better story.
  • Better story cast, including the protagonist - Tommy Vercetti, and the antagonist - Sonny Forelli.
  • The whole 80's theme of Tommy Vercetti's story in Vice City.
  • Better side-missions.
  • Better interiors.
  • Better weapons.
  • Better gangs.
  • Better soundtrack.
Edited by iiCriminnaaL 49

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So, is every GTA better than V now? I can agree with IV being better and all but Vice City? Ehh...that's kind of stretch if you ask me. 

Edited by Penguin Bob

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-Better assets that tie in with the story unlike GTA V's half arsed property management.

-Tommy > the GTA V trio.

-Far more and varied rampages.

-The city whilst being alot smaller and less detailed somehow feels more homely and memorable. I can stop playing Vice City for months and play it again and know exactly where everything is like the back of my hand. With GTA V despite that it's 5 years old Los Santos still feels alien to me and I've spent alot of time playing it last and current gen. Vice City just has a map design that simply works for me.


Even insignificant side streets I can recall basically every building.

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iiCriminnaaL 49
21 minutes ago, Penguin Bob said:

So, is every GTA better than V now?

Most of them, IMO.


When it comes to GTA III and Vice City, their mechanics hold them back (compared to today's games, but they were pretty cool back in the time). Other than that, they got better stories, and they're more relevant to the crime underworld and are more atmospheric.

Edited by iiCriminnaaL 49

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I personally like V better but objectively speaking I believe V, IV and VC have pretty much the same quality in the overall product. 

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I honestly enjoyed the older Rockstar Games more than any now. I couldn't stop playing Vice City, San Andreas, & even GTA 4 but to a lesser extent with each newer game. I actually got the most thrill out of Vice City and slowly got less joy out of the newer games. I know exactly why too. It's because you didn't use to have to do a mission in specific way. You could use your own creativity & I sure did that & it gave me a euphoric sense of joy when I found some creative ways to do difficult missions in an easy way. The joy I got with experimenting on different ways of doing missions was so fun. Now it's you do it this exact way or you fail type of missions & everything is with written instructions, with waypoints, park your vehicle hear, & made so a 5 year old kid could do it. It's such a contradiction for what is supposed to be a free roam game. Same thing with RDR which I've played both as well. 


I loved GTA online because it gave you so much of the ability to use your creativity for missions, survivals, & heists. The missions allowed you to use that creativity, but the survivals & heists eventually put restrictions on boundries so once again it limited creative ways of doing them to a certain extent. I eventually came to hate GTA online with its creative limitations, copy & paste CEO businesses, product prices, rediculous vehicles, online collection missions & setups and etc. GTA online is pure toxicity. I have $200 million GTA dollars (non purchased) with zero desire to play it at least until GTA 6 or whatever comes out. I quit when the stupid flying motorcyle came out (Oppressor) about 1&1/2 years ago. I was curious about playing RDR online again but after watching hours of twitch streamers, I'm not even going to bother. The money grind would be worse than working in an unwanted job. So it would be Pay 2 Win for me & that's not happening.

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- Better story
- Better atmosphere
- Better soundtrack
- Better cars
- Interesting characters
- Businesses
- Funnier talk shows
- Tommy Vercetti

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Posted (edited)

Not broken combat system.

Better weapons.

Cops aren't over powered.

Radio doesn't make me want to switch it off.

Tommy actually has a consistent character.

I can actually tell what half the cars are, as in I can actually tell the difference between them by looking, in GTA V everything looks like a boring modern car generally.

fun and rewarding side-quests.


Edited by Samz707

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