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The gasp n praise thread


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Ugh.. Okay I'll bite.


- When you do a heist with competent randoms

- When you're driving your car high speed without a scratch

- Getting a one-shot kill with a musket/marksman pistol

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when you enter a random's garage, and it's filled with cars that actually don't look like garbage.

Edited by Pegassi Autobot
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The Lone Wanderer

when you use the laser missiles, lead your target and actually get a kill, one of my favourite mini games.

or just nuke them with cannons out of rage.

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When you play the game with your friends and realize how much fun it can actually be if you put your heads together.

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Captain Sensib1e

Ahh, getting the Valkyrie Heist setup with a bunch of level 200+'s randoms. Finished it EZ on the first pass.

Edited by Captain Sensib1e
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When you cut the power off the titan miles up in the air to scare the passengers but just glide all the way to the lz like a boss

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*le gasp*


achieving gold in the pacific standard, for like the first time ever. I always get bronze or silver, (only died once out of the three times i've done this heist). GG :cool:

Edited by missanthropy
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^lol when said person starts abusing you because you are not a woman and they wanted to have sex with your character or some weird sh*t .

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When that random person recognizes you from here, Twitter, or Youtube.

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Almost breaking 2 mil because of Humane Labs double cash. Coming from someone who spends all of his money immediately, it really is beautiful.


EDIT: Breaking 2 mil because Rockstar gave you two rebates.

Edited by nokuto
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When you shoot someone and they dont lag.

This^ and when running a guy down do I not see him ragdoll like a fool only for him to be instantly standing in front me eating me alive with a minigun...😦
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  • 2 weeks later...

Saving the topic from page 13.


When finding a decent group of people who not only support in heists, but also avenge your death tenfold to a spawn camper.

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When you get reminded of Rockstars attention to detail, I constantly get rained on even though California hardly gets rain, I see convertibles drop their tops when it starts raining, and that criminal are all like minded brainwashed sheep repeating the same phrases

Edited by CrysisAverted
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Just gonna praise the 3 low levels I helped complete prison break. 11, 12, 28, 580....I refused to go into the prison for fear one would destroy the plane or not be able to get away. It took three tries but they figured out how to get out the prison on their own (I refused any guidance).





I gasped the first time I saw the next gen rain...I still crash sometimes looking at the puddles.

Edited by TreFacTor
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