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"Fake" Patching (adding things to dlc folders that aren't

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I'm trying (fumbling) to sort out a way to add updated/modded files to (for example) patchday5ng.


Namely, adding a simple handling.meta file with one car's data.


I edited content.xml and added:

<overlay value="true" />
<disabled value="true" />
<persistent value="true" />






Created a new "data" subfolder in x64 (mods\update\x64\dlcpacks\patchday5ng\dlc.rpf\x64\data). Game loads, but car properties are unchanged. I used a Panta to test (it's the only car/data in the file), because it's what I was in at the save.


Is this not possible? I'm hoping this does work, as it'd be a much cleaner/smaller way to mod things.



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My experience might be sort of related to this.


I didnt go to far with my attempts, but I had made a new 'dlc' with my custom files in it and gta v was loading it etc.


All my files were basically text files (*.meta files) I had two different things going on, one was new content and that stuff worked completely fine. But changes to already existing content were not present. I had tinkered around with it for a day or two and eventually gave up.


I suspected that the dlc related files just get added to the original ones in a sense (at least the text based ones, hence why they only seem to have entries for content added by that dlc), and to make changes to stuff that was already there I had to do those changes in the update.rpf etc. Adding a new file to the dlc patch folders to overwrite ones from the same dlc's pack folder also worked. But the stuff I added as a dlc just would not overwrite stuff from the update.rpf

Edited by diamond-optic

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The DLC packs get overridden by update.rpf, so updating through DLC probably isn't the best approach anyway.


But if you're just curious, I think you'll be able to do it if you edit it through a dlc_patch. You'll need to edit the patchDay5's setup2.xml to include CCS_TITLE_UPDATE_DLC_PATCH into a group

Then in that group in content.xml add dlc_patchDay5NG:/common/data/ExtraTitleUpdateData.meta, and you'll obviously need to add those folders/files to the the dlc.rpf.

Then in extratitleupdatedata.meta you'll need to add:


<Item type="SExtraTitleUpdateMount">			<deviceName>dlcMPHipster:/</deviceName>			<path>dlc_patchDay5NG:/dlc_patch/mpHipster/</path>		</Item>
(As the Panto is a mpHipster car, you have to specifically patch dlcmpHipster).


You'll need to add the folders /dlc_patch/mpHipster/ and in mpHipster add a new content.xml, which should have something like:


<Item>      <filename>dlcMPHipster:/common/data/handling.meta</filename>      <fileType>HANDLING_FILE</fileType>      <overlay value="false" />      <disabled value="true" />      <persistent value="false" />    </Item>


      <changeSetName>MPHIPSTER_AUTOGEN</changeSetName>      <filesToDisable />      <filesToEnable>        <Item>dlcMPHipster:/common/data/handling.meta</Item>
Then finally, put your handling.meta into where that points. I think that'll work, but I haven't tried it.

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