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Can't Sell Monroe? (Bought Long Ago)


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You bought it a long time ago? As in back in Oct/Nov 2013? If so, that is why. It was purchased before R* allowed us to sell back our personal vehicles worth over 50K.

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i had the same issue with my feltzer which was bought during patch 1.04, too then like 10 patches for the sell option to appear.

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Like Kitty said since you bought it a long time ago pobably prior to the 1.07 update you won't be able to sell it because you couldn't sell cars more than $50,000 at the time.


You'll have to replace it.

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I had a furore I tried to sell today and I could not. Pretty positive I purchased it legit as I would not put in the time trying to dupe that car lol I dont remember when it came out though, had to be after 1.07 no?

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