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Impenitent Survivors - We do what is needed to get by...


Recommended Posts



Whatever is needed to survive...











The first thing you might be askin' is "why the name?". Well you see, "Impenitent" is not feelin' any sorrow or remorse for your actions.


"Where does this fit in?" Would be your next question. Grand Theft Auto Online is all about comin' out on top. And that is exactly what I intend to do. In order to do that, you'll need to survive. You can only survive by doin' whatever is needed to get by. Impenitence will help you achieve that. Now some players might call you "scrub" or "cheap", but those people don't understand what is needed to come out on top. Now this ain't exactly the most honest or even fair way to do it but everythin' they hate is put in the game for a reason. We do not put ourselves at a disadvantage because we don't have to.


Anythin' is allowed in this crew. Here are some rules/info:

  • - You are at least 14 years old and mature.
  • - At least semi-active.
  • - Respect all players regardless of playstyle.
  • - At least an above average player/experienced. 1.00 K/D. At least level 50+.
  • - No trash talk, anti-homosexual, misogynistic or racist comments . You may unnerve or even praise other players.
  • - DO NOT kill any crew members or associates without my permission.
  • - Help fellow Survivors in need. We will do missions, heists, TDMs and anythin' else GTA has to offer.
  • - Follow sensible orders.
  • - Try and attend crew events. (Fight clubs, crew battles and the sorts. If you can't, refer to me)
  • - Microphone is semi-mandatory. Improves communication.
  • - Our territory is mostly Blaine County. Specifically Paleto Bay & Sandy Shores.
  • - This is mostly a dictatorship. Once there are more authority figures. We might call votes. Most orders will be issued by me.
  • - Wear normal clothes or military type garments/gear. No clowns or demonic bikers and the sorts.
  • - We will try and take a serious approach to this crew. We obviously have a sense of humor of course. Any jokes and harmless/crew friendly clownin' around is fine.
  • - Use anything you wish. Bulletproof helmets, RPGs, Insurgents, Technicals, Hydras and everythin' in the damn game.
  • - You must show brotherhood and loyalty.
  • - This is an Assisted Aim & Free Aim crew. Rules apply to both.
  • - We will take over Free Roam servers for fun:








If you wish to join, then copy the question template below and post it here. Green text is mandatory information. Green text with underline = Dependent. (Or message me on Social Club)













Social Club Username: (If you are messaging me on social club then there is no need to answer this part)


Why should you be recruited?:




Past Crew Experience:


Past Heist Experience: (For reliability, of course)


Position you wish to apply for:


Nickname/Title: (e.g. Mine is "The Governor".)



Preferred Targeting System:


Also, make sure that I can see your stats on Social Club, make sure your profile, game stats and wall visibility are visible to everyone. Once you are recruited, you may change them to Crew + Friends visibility





Help this crew reach higher grounds.














So join and we will rise up. If people want wars they'll soon realize that...










  • You are not limited as to what you can use, all weapons, vehicles and tactics are allowed.
  • Reasonable dress code, military garments or casual/normal clothing will come across as more professional.
  • If you are a competitive player and love The Walking Dead as well as role-playing then this is a crew for you.
  • There will be a structured hierarchy where everyone has a role to play, crews without them tend to be quite boring and lose battles due to the sheer fact that they weren't prepared.
  • In time, you will rack up a lot of money as well as RP. Though, please do not join simply for this reason.
  • It will be a good laugh!:







If you have a history of crew-hopping you may not be accepted unless you had a decent reason. If you crew-hop or leave crews without a reason then you aren't worth my time!



Edited by BlackHeartedGovernor
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What console is this? Looks great.

Playstation 4.

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Also, might I add that this is a semi-role-play crew.

I am looking for competitive players who are willing to do anything to win.

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  • 2 weeks later...
Lost Legend

(BlackHearted alt account) Still looking for players to join, if you love The Walking Dead, you'll love this crew. Hell, even if you don't like The Walking Dead you'll still love this crew!


The whole concept of this crew is that Woodbury and the Atlanta Group joined forces.

Edited by Lost Legend
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Official Crew Vehicles

HVY Insurgent [both variants]


Rhino Tank


Karin Technical


These will be our "Go-to vehicles", if you like. We shall be known for usin' 'em. All vehicles are permitted, of course. No whacky/childish colours, however.

Edited by BlackHeartedGovernor
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you know you can just edit the first post right

Yeah, editiin' doesn't bump the post up however.

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OH NO sh*t! do you feel stupid now for telling me that sh*t

That doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
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Available = Green

Taken = Orange

High Ranked = Red

(Applies to both the title and description of role)

The Governor (Me): Gives out all orders, the crew leader and spokesman for the crew.






Co-Administrator: Will call orders in Governor's absence.


Lieutenant: A right-hand to myself.


Dispatch Unit: A special group of trained individuals who will represent the crew in organised battles along side The Governor, the Co-Administrator & the Lieutenant.


Secretary: Will keep track of important dates for crew events and the sorts. Doesn't necessarily have to own GTAV though would be highly preferred.


Accumulator: Will call in Pegasus vehicles and/or vehicles for crew members in time of need. Will also accompany The Governor, Co-Administrator & Lieutenant in battles.


Soldiers: The crew muscle if you like, no specific role to play and must be willing to fight and follow reasonable orders.


Fore-Planner/Strategist: Assistant to Accumulator, will plan out strategies beforehand. Will set out waypoints to locations for the crew members to then follow. Must have approval first from either The Governor or the Co-Administrator.


Treasurer: Assistant to Fore-Planner, the crew's money man. Will host all missions and Heists.


Enforcer: To keep order at crew events. Accompany high-ranked officers in battles.

Edited by BlackHeartedGovernor
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*Will relax K/D requirements for now.*


Official Crew Outfits/Apparel

*Any variation of these are fine, these are just examples, you can wear anythin' that looks apocalyptic and/or militarized*

**Make up is allowed under masks to give effect**




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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 1 month later...

Shame, could have had a good few potential candidates for the crew. Too bad their inability to read wasted their time as well as my own. I can only be thankful for the involuntary bump of this thread.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Is this crew still active by any chance?


If so, I would love to be apart of it :)

For now, I am afraid not. Will most likely stay that way but who knows. If I ever start it up again, I'll let you know.

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  • 3 months later...
Lost Legend

Screw the hierarchy, anyone willing to join should message me, I think it is time I started this up again. PS4 only, just cause f*cking havoc on this game with me someone!


Going to go on a mad recruting spree next time I'm on, taking anyone that isn't a squeaker and has experience in free roam


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