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Favorite locations for Snapmatic car photo-ops.

Elder Maxson

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Elder Maxson

Like most people, we all like to take pictures of our rides and post them to Rockstar's Snapmatic feature for others to see. But, what location on the map is your ideal place to take a snapshot of your whip?


My most favorite location is along Vespucci Beach. For some reason, I just love how my Blackfin goes great with the scenery in the background.




Other personal favorites include:


-The Playboy Mansion

-The golf course

-The amusement pier

-Sandy Shores Airport

-The movie theater on Vinewood Boulevard

-Any location with the Vinewood Sign shown clearly in the background.





Post your favorite photo-op locations.


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Somewhere with hills , where you can put your car on , with the skyline in the background




Same idea here , different background though.



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I tend to head to that graffited bridge near Lester's textile factory - often at night - for a few moody shots. Such as:




Otherwise, anywhere with an interesting background where I can get lower than the car for lower angle shots. The industrial area in East LS works well, or some of the older petrol (gas) stations in Blaine. I've done a few pictures of off-roaders perched on the summit of a mountain, looking towards either Chiliad or LS

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In and around the Port







Grand Senora Desert










and the Mckenzie Airfield






In general, almost any industrial area. East LS has a lot of neat factories and plants, from refrigeration companies, bottling and water companies, storage warehouses, a swine farm and pork manufacturing plant, the oil derrick fields and scrap yard, and many others.


The port is great, too, though I prefer the central (or western-most) port area more than the southern (or eastern-most) area because the latter is rather large and open, a (too) realistically proportioned arrivals and processing area so not as many cool places to take photos because the backgrounds are all so far away. The other areas have lots of cool little areas similar to the bug infestation company, or the Post OP or whatever processing plant, the shipyards... lots of jetties and berths, slipways for boats being built, and in general more 'stuff' in less space so lots of great dioramas to frame for pics.


Paleto Bay has 2 great areas... the police mural at the station with the radio tower and lights nearby and the pine trees in the background is amazing. And the lumber mill is pretty awesome, too.


But the port and the industrial area of the desert (notably Harmony) are my favorite.

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Niko Montana

Anywhere in the city of Los Santos, especially at night.

Edited by thedriver111
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