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Make some parked cars armored


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Hello again!


I was wondering if it is possible to let like one or two cars on each level being armored, let's say completely indestructible. I know it is possible to change it via the Power Manager, but I do not mean every car being armored, just one or two parked cars (which can be a great back up car).


If so, how to do? Do I have to edit the .mis-files? I saw "Armored = 0" or something like that when I tried to edit the Downtown mis-file but I guess it wont work this way.

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You can use these commands in a script:






It will still be possible to destroy with water, vehicle bomb, train or tank crushing.


There's a memory address for vehicle damage that you can set to 0% damage to make specific vehicles stronger.


All of this is a bit complex for a beginner. I can write a working script later.

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