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Save Game around Amphibious assault [ANDROID v1.08 Save]


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I had to delete San Andreas off of my phone awhile back because I didn't have much space left.I had my saves upload to the cloud but they won't show up now and Rockstar has been no help at all with getting them back.I was on Amphibious assault, I had done the first zero mission with the minigun, and I was on the driving school mission where you flip your car on the ramp.I was up to Ice Cold Killa for the garage.I also had the Pimp Car in the garage at Cj's garage in San Fiero, but that doesn't matter too much to me.

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Do I understand that you need help in recovering your Saved game from the "cloud"


You want a save game from someone in the area of the missions described.

What Version do you have now?

What version did you have when you made the Lost Save?


You can get help by uploading your latest save game using: http://gtasnp.com/ [this allows the Helper to load the save into the slot of his/her choice]

to http://gtaforums.com/forum/200-mission-h...

Topic Title Format: [snP] Mission name [v1 or v2 or iOS or ANDROID or MOBILE v?]


Edited by lil weasel
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I need help getting a new one, since the old ones don't show up in either cloud slot.The game is on the latest update, 1.08.I am on Android, My phone is the Galaxy S5.I was on that site the other night, but I don't like how many of the saves have Unlimited ammo, all stats at max, no cops, and such.

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Do not confuse an excess of rounds (9999+) With unlimited.

As soon as you fire off enough rounds to reduce the level below 10,000 the ammo count will show again.


True unlimited will show an amount, and will refill to that amount automatically.

Edited by lil weasel
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Lethal Vaccine

If you have more than 9999 rounds of ammo and achieve 100%, NO TOTALS will show, either, since the 100% reward is infinite ammo. So if you have more than 9999 rounds of a weapon upon reaching 100%, you won't ever see the totals again, since it physically won't go below 10,000 and show any totals...

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Thanks everyone.Forgot about having more than 9000 with the ammo.The save game is working great.

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Lethal Vaccine

Thanks to HeroBrinR007. Despite him being banned, he is still helping people out! :p He's the most help when it comes to the SA Mobile Version.

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