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PS3 Impromptu Races/Car Meet?


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First - I never knew you had to set a way point, but I will be using this more often now (or trying to). I am planning on getting as many people as I can to join a lobby for some Impromptu Races tonight. Anyone who would like to join message me with the time you will be on or respond to this post (before i get on I am going to crush a couple brews and watch FF7 to get me in the mood) =)

I am going to use all types of classes (not to keen on super class but to each their own). This i am hoping will be like a car meet with people Impromptu racing or hanging in a parking lot with no killing or blowing up and trying to obey traffic laws until the race (I can dream right).

Time I am thinking will be around 10:30/11:00 until ... ?


Free Aim lobby only

PSN: L8kBum

Social Club: (BUMZ) We Kill 4 Food

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