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Doctor Who

Mr Rabbit

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17 hours ago, Icanhandlerejection said:

Much better than I thought given all the pc hype over the switch to a female lead.

I don't think that outrage was real.

Classic example of phony outrage that is manufactured by social media to appear more prevalent than it really is. If you could have taken a poll of all Doctor Who fans in the world when the announcement was originally made, guaranteed 80% didn't care that the new Doc was a woman. The trolls on Twitter can be very loud and persistent but that's because they know they're in the minority.

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Yea, and it's on-going. The first episode made a big splash though, one of the biggest debuts for a new Doctor since the reboot began I believe. Internet impressions are also at an all time high since the shows 50th.


So while they are definitely still vocal, they are definitely still a minority.

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17 hours ago, Mr. Scratch said:

You obviously haven't seen the comments on their Facebook page, it was real alright.

No I saw that stuff but that's exactly what I'm saying.

Facebook and Twitter outrage is phony. It's really a clear minority of the population.


Billions of people are online and millions of people watch Doctor Who; and how many people actually voiced their anger? Couldn't have been more than thousands. And you know most of those were repeats and retweets.

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Trolls are simply to be ignored unless encountered in the wilds of Skyrim.  My only curiousity is how they manage their internet connections it must be a hard wire rather than wifi considering most trolls live under bridges.

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